OnRamp's Scalable Vendor Orders Solution

As a standard practice, single or multi-site discrete manufacturers rely on setting up automated scheduling processes to manage their vendor purchase orders based on suggested MRP demand. Due to the high volume of parts being produced and the materials required to produce them, this automated process makes purchase order release more reliable, efficient, and more manageable.

For smaller, make to order shops that work on small run or individual fabrication projects, an automated process similar to a discrete manufacturers scale, would not work to their advantage or create any production planning benefits. What would benefit their production planning is to still have access to, and utilize, the demand suggestions from MRP functionality, whilst still being able to send purchase orders manually.

OnRamp’s new Create Spot PO’s from Suggested PO’s [S2810] functionality provides planners with a flexible solution for issuing purchase orders individually based on MRP suggestions as an alternative to bulk scheduled vendor releases. With this new functionality, planners will not only have the option to select any MRP suggested purchase order and send it to their vendor manually they will also be able to edit the order quantity and the due date on the fly, depending on their customer requirements.