5 Systems Onramp Solutions ERP Replaces

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5 Systems Onramp Solutions ERP Replaces

November 6, 2018

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) has effectively revolutionized the way hundreds of industries manage their businesses.

For over a century, manufacturing has been a purely “analog” process, involving hand counting, manual cross checking and endless paper forms to catalogue everything. ERP brought manufacturing into the digital age, turning every aspect of plant management into an easily accessible and searchable online platform.

What was once the work of hours searching through filing cabinets and old records can be accomplished in a few keystrokes, dramatically increasing productivity and allowing for a holistic overview of the entire business.

Onramp Solutions ERP platform  is such an effective business solution for every manufacturer that it can completely replace a range of disparate and expensive programs. This can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a year, as well as boost productivity.

So which outdated business management systems can you say goodbye to with an effective ERP?

Inventory Management System

The heart of any manufacturing plant is their inventory, and managing large quantities of product can be a challenge.

Previously, all inventory had to be hand counted by factory personnel, which could quickly become inaccurate when dealing with high numbers and human error.

Add in to that all the complexities of shipping – tracking numbers, amounts received, packing slips – and even a modestly sized manufacturing plant quickly spirals out of control.

The technological answer to this problem was stand alone inventory management systems. These clunky programs still required almost everything to be entered by hand, and mainly functioned as a space to store all inventory information digitally.

“There is a no longer a need for clunky spreadsheets that make it difficult to track and share information.”

Whilst this had its value in the past, modern manufacturing plants have far outstripped its capabilities. There is a no longer a need for clunky spreadsheets that make it difficult to track and share information.

Onramp Solutions’ ERP completely replaces all inventory management systems with a cohesive, integrated experience. From purchasing through to receiving, our ERP works seamlessly to have all the important details available when you need them.

Imagine placing your order with your vendor and having all tracking numbers and delivery schedules automatically populated within your digital ecosystem. Onramp Solutions’ ERP allows you to track the status of your shipments, and when it will arrive.

Once it has arrived to your facility, packing slips are scanned and uploaded automatically, with vendor units updated and accounted for in your inventory management without you lifting a finger.

“No more running out of stock due to inaccurate inventory numbers.”

Lot traceability, transaction visibility, and cycle counts are all continuously updated so you always know what you have and where it is. No more running out of stock due to inaccurate inventory numbers, meaning you can always meet that next order deadline and keep your clients happy.

Accounts Receivable And Payable Programs

Keeping track of all accounts receivable and payable is the stuff of nightmares for all bookkeepers.

Ever since humans began selling and buying, notes have been kept on who owes what to whom. Invoices with different payment terms, chasing up late payments, and ensuring your own invoices are paid in time can be time consuming and stressful.

Previously, managing all of these financial comings and goings has taken up all of a bookkeepers time, and often involved stacks of paper and reams of tribal knowledge known only to them.

Accounting software has attempted to simplify the process, however, has often been plagued by compatibility issues, poor user interfaces, and limited reporting capabilities.

Onramp Solutions’ ERP has built their accounting platform from the ground up to easily and completely integrate with all other aspects of your manufacturing plant management.

Maintaining a complete payables history is the new norm, with outstanding and historical payables management and real time vendor invoice review coming as standard. We even have your international businesses covered with multiple currency payments supported.

Create live expense reports instantly, with hierarchical approvals applied and payables generated automatically. Used the office petty cash to get a round of coffees? Simply create a petty cash entry, and once it is approved the payable will be generated instantly.

Accounts Receivable gets the same upgrades, with a fully searchable and completely paperless accounts ledger updated in real time. Creating customer invoices, including consolidated billing, is seamless and instantaneous and all invoices can be sent directly to the client from within Onramp Solutions’ ERP.

Tax time becomes a breeze with all accounts receivable ledgers automatically reconciled to aging and subledger reports. Bad debts are calculated and maintained quickly and easily, and all signed bills of lading can be emailed to your customers at the click of a button.

By making the entire accounts payable and receivable process paperless and completely integrated into the ERP, you will save time and money managing your plant’s finances.

Scheduling Systems

The heart of any manufacturing plant that keeps it working smoothly is efficient resource and capacity scheduling. Knowing exactly how much material is needed to meet the production demands of upcoming orders is crucial for productivity and profitability of any business.

Previously, this process relied on comparing hundreds of different variables by hand, from incoming orders to leftover stock to cash flow. Predicting upcoming material and workforce needs was an inexact science that required extensive knowledge of the complete runnings of a manufacturing plant, as well as hours upon hours to crunch the numbers.

Onramp Solutions has created a completely integrated solution with their Requirement Planning and Production Scheduling ERP modules. In an instant, you can get a detailed snapshot of exactly how well your plant is running, including predictive analysis for upcoming material needs and efficient use of production assets.

The Detailed Capacity Planning (DCP) module allows for finite control of all aspects of your workforce. Clear and easy to interpret visualizations display key stats such as shortages or excesses of manpower, overtime, weekly progress and percentage capacity. With our ERP, you can maximize the productivity of your workforce whilst saving money in the process.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is the answer to all your material scheduling woes. Onramp’s integrated MRP platform allows for complete control over planning, scheduling, execution and monitoring of your manufacturing process from raw materials to finished product. Never find yourself short on stock or suffering from overstock as our MRP automatically manages all resources and requirements to ensure you maintain perfectly optimized lean inventory levels.

Maintenance Management

Keeping your manufacturing plant running at peak efficiency requires a keen eye on machine and equipment maintenance. If a crucial machine breaks down it can cause serious detrimental impacts to your customer base and bottom line.

All hard working machines require regular maintenance to continue to run properly, but the process for managing this has often been haphazard and unregulated. Relying on the memories of factory managers and the tribal knowledge locked inside employees heads as to when your machines need to be tended to is a risk few manufacturing plants can afford these days.

Onramp Solutions’ ERP includes a fully realized equipment maintenance system to take the guesswork out of managing your machines. In the click of a button you can track everything from machine downtime to employee work time and response, all with real-time reporting as standard.

Become a scheduling master with built in reviews for time spent maintaining machines compared to preventative maintenance to assess cost effectiveness of your process. Always be in the know with downtime reason tracking, resource and labour costs, all sorted by machine and date ranges.

Preventative maintenance gets an intelligent upgrade with our automated maintenance schedule generation. You can set up specialized preventative maintenance checklists and assign them to individual pieces of equipment so they get the same care they need the first time, every time.

Manufacturing machines often need replacement parts after heavy use, and keeping track of these can be a daunting task. Onramp Solutions’ ERP allows for creation of bespoke bill of materials lists for every machine, which can be easily accessed by anyone in the system. When everyone knows what needs to be ordered and can do so entirely from within the ERP, things run more smoothly and productivity increases.

Customer Sales

If your materials and machines are the heart of your manufacturing plants, then your customers are the lifeblood that powers it. Attracting and keeping clients is a delicate process that requires careful attention and regular contact. When customers cannot get the answers they want in a timely manner, they can slip through your fingers and cost you sales.

Traditional customer sales management revolves around all interactions being stored in the minds of the sales representative that directly deal with the customer. This restricts the usefulness of that information and limits other employee’s ability to assist in the sales process. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been around for a while, but few have managed to integrate fully with the manufacturing process, allowing opportunities to be missed.

Onramp Solutions’ ERP includes a state-of-the-art customer sales module that enables meaningful customer interactions through direct links to real time data and reporting. Our fully integrated system allows for orders to be captured, processed and sent off within the one ecosystem. When everything simply works, your customer sales pipeline will be flowing better than ever before.

One of the most powerful tools included with our ERP is the ability to make intelligent business forecasts based on reports and performance margins. Our system can automatically estimate new product requirements, customer profiles and scheduling, all within a comprehensive and responsive reporting dashboard. Our sales module works in conjunction with our entire ERP ecosystem, so the sales process is completely handled from start to finish seamlessly.

If you’re ready to replace your outdated manufacturing management systems, contact a solutions expert at Onramp Solutions today!


  • Paul Henriques

    Paul Henriques is the current Manager for the Documentation and Training team at OnRamp Solutions Inc. Paul has over 15 years of experience in writing training material and documentation for various software companies. Having had to learn OnRamp ERP to better document it’s features and write training material; Paul is constantly stunned by the amount of thought that goes into each feature and the capabilities that are within the program, with features for all the various business units of a manufactory. Paul spends most of his free time keeping up to date on all the latest news and best practices for the manufacturing sector. Paul’s favorite manufacturing quote: “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” – Henry Ford

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