The Benefits of Cloud Technology for Manufacturing

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What Are The Benefits of Cloud Technology?

February 11, 2019

One of the most pervasive technological advancements of the past decade is the mass shift to cloud computing.

Cloud computing allows for a multitude of business benefits in many different areas, from enhanced processing power to complete access to your business from anywhere in the world. By moving crucial systems to the cloud, businesses have been able to expand what was is possible when it comes to the way they operate and what they can offer their customers.

Manufacturing ERPs have also undoubtedly benefited from the shift towards cloud technology. By moving the heavy duty processing requirements to the cloud, ERPs can ensure buttery smooth performance and up to the second accuracy.

But what are the key benefits my manufacturing business will experience when moving to the cloud?

What is the cloud?

Cloud technology, also known simply as the cloud, is the sharing of a pool of computer resources that can be accessed and provisioned remotely over the internet.

It is essentially a large number of computers linked together via networks that allow them to share their processing power and can be configured to perform whatever function is needed of them easily and rapidly. This allows for large and complex functions to be performed extremely quickly and smoothly without the need for specialized hardware at the business’s physical location.

Global access

One of the most useful benefits of cloud technology when it comes to manufacturing is the ability to monitor your plant from anywhere in the world.

With Onramp Solutions ERP, a complete overview of your manufacturing business can be accessed from wherever you happen to be, whether that is your home or from the other side of the world. With cutting edge cloud computing, you will be able to see everything, from product output to scheduled machine maintenance.

A simple but highly secure login process enables you to access all of your dashboards and reports from any location or device. This is especially useful if you are running more than one plant, as you can have a holistic view of all plant operations and can address issues before they become significant problems, even if you’re out of town.

Enhanced collaboration

Dovetailing nicely with global access features is the ability to have deeper and more meaningful collaboration with colleagues and employees.

Through the power of cloud computing, Onramp Solutions ERP allows for micro and macro overviews of all system processes remotely. This means that conference calls between colleagues can be significantly more productive, as all parties can have access to the same information and insights at the same time.

When collaboration is as seamless and integrated as it is with Onramp Solutions ERP cloud capabilities, everything just works.

Enterprise grade security

One of the most crucial aspects of any modern business is its cyber security.

As computers and connectivity have become every more ingrained in all aspects of business, so too have the legitimate concerns surrounding adequate protection of important trade secrets or financial information.

In the past, businesses needed to spend significant amounts of capital on building their own server setups and then constantly maintaining the network security through frequent security updates and software patches.

By moving to the cloud, your business cyber security is backed by enterprise grade software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cloud technology providers maintain the highest levels of security for their servers and ensure anyone using their services can have peace of mind their data is completely secure.

By using Onramp Solutions ERP on the cloud, your business data is protected by the latest in digital security technology, so you don’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands.

Disaster recovery

Another huge benefit of utilizing cloud technology in your day to day business operations is built in disaster recovery.

Before cloud computing was well established, businesses had to host their own digital services in their offices, usually on a single dedicated server. Should the worst come to pass and that server was either stolen or damaged in some way, chances were high that all of your highly important data was lost too. Obviously this has the potential to bring a company to its knees if data backups were not performed regularly.

With the introduction of cloud computing, manual data backups have become a thing of the past. Cloud technology allows of seamless, constant data backups to be made every day so that your data is always protected from a malfunction. Should one of the cloud servers go down, your data will still be accessible from any of the thousands of other servers that power the cloud, so you will never have to suffer through a complete loss of data ever again.

This can be especially beneficial when combined with Onramp Solutions manufacturing ERP. By keeping all of your crucial business data backed up to the cloud, you will always be able to access the data you need without worrying about a system failure. This in turn enhances your competitiveness and ability to make intelligent business decisions every day of the year.

Environmentally Friendly

Industry, and in particular manufacturing, can have a bad reputation for not putting environmental concerns at the forefront of their business decisions.

Whilst it can be economically and technologically impractical to directly alter your manufacturing business with today’s processes, moving to the cloud can actually help you lower your carbon footprint.

Cloud technology is an infinitely scalable platform, and it actively optimizes your cloud processing needs up and down as your needs change. This means that you are only using the computing energy you need in the moment, as opposed to a constant level of energy use which can waste energy and thus result in more carbon emissions.

With your manufacturing ERP being powered by the cloud, you can feel better knowing that your business is lower its impact on the environment and reducing its carbon footprint.

Additionally, by not having to purchase your own server hardware you are avoiding the eventual wastage of outdated technology that will end up in landfill, further adding to the eco-friendliness of moving to the cloud.

Cost Savings

As mentioned above, utilizing cloud technology removes the need for businesses to set up their own individual servers to host their digital services.

Enterprise grade server platforms can run into the tens of thousands of dollars and require constant maintenance or even the hiring of additional IT personnel to ensure it is running properly.

By moving your digital services into a cloud platform, you are essentially renting server space from a company that is highly specialized in providing exceptional server connectivity and stability. This is ultimately significantly cheaper than purchasing and maintaining your own servers and digital services, and you have peace of mind knowing your data is backed up on multiple servers.

Onramp Solutions ERP utilizes the latest in cloud computing technology to give you unparalleled access to your businesses, anywhere in the world. If you are ready to take your manufacturing business into the digital age,  contact us today.


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