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The Benefits of Operational Visibility

June 14, 2017
The Benefits of Operational Visibility

When we talk about OnRamp dashboards what we are really talking about is how some aspects of OnRamps data is represented visually. The value of dashboards should never be underestimated since they provide real-time or historical snapshots of how efficient operational processes are performing.

Dashboards can help plant owners, managers, supervisors, and operators see how operation and processes are performing at any given moment.

For example, if a work center has recorded a high scrap count within a given period, shop floor managers can review the data from the work center dashboard and respond to the problem faster, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Dashboards can also be set up to provide a global view of the whole business or they can be set up by individual departments to track their productivity or performance.

Modern business practices rely on the collection and analysis of data to drive business decisions and make operations more streamlined and efficient. With 185 different dashboards available, OnRamp enables users to create custom dashboards that can provide a fast, real-time, and historical data previews at the click of a mouse.


  • Vincent Bull

    Vincent Bull is the current VP of Sales and Marketing at On-Ramp Solutions Inc. On-Ramp provides comprehensive, flexible fully integrated ERP, MES software solutions to manufacturing and services based companies. He is seasoned in the interaction between software solutions and pairing that with helping human resources improve their abilities to increase their production capacity. Vincent has a passion as well for sports such as basketball and has long been a supporter of such initiatives as The Guelph Board of Approved Basketball Officials. He also has volunteered at Special Olympics Ontario, for a host of different sporting events. Vince is a graduate of Georgian College in Ontario, holding a degree in Computer Programming.

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