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Customize your Report Formatting

November 11, 2016
Customize your Report Formatting

One of OnRamp’s recently released features now allows users to customize and change the formatting within existing reports.

We will firstly look at Conditional Formatting using screen [S2305]. Conditional formatting gives users the option to add color to text and cells to highlight key data within the report.

With this tutorial, we want to know the extra inventory costs, below $5000, from the Inventory Detail Report [R1007].

1. To begin, open screen [S2305]and click the “Add” button in the bottom menu. From the drop down menu choose the report you would like to add the conditional formatting too.

Conditional Formatting using screen [S2305]

2. Enter a Sort number to determine the sequence, since you can add more than one item of formatting. Select the report column you wish to highlight, in this case, we are choosing the “Ext Cost” column.

Conditional Formatting Reports

3. Next select the formula you would like to use from the drop-down menu.

Conditional Formatting and Customization Reports

4. Enter the value in the Val.1 field. We have chosen the value of 5000.

5. Choose the color you wish to be used for the highlighting.

6. Next, choose if you would like the cell or the entire row to be highlighted.

7. In the last field, you can select if you would like the cell background to be highlighted or the text.

8. Now open the Inventory Detail report [R1007]. If you have it open already for reference, just click “Generate” to refresh the report view.

You will see that the formula and color you chose have now highlighted the data with a red background.

In our next issue, we will look at the “Report columns customization” feature of the Conditional Formatting and Customization Reports Screen.

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