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Author: Vincent Bull in: Implementations

November 6, 2018

How Does an ERP Save You Money?

One of the most appealing benefits of installing a custom made manufacturing ERP is the potential to save significant amounts of money in the everyday running of your business. ERPs allow for a completely integrated overview and management of all aspects of your manufacturing plant, which allows you to capitalize on efficiencies and cut your costs.

Onramp Solutions has built their ERP specifically for the manufacturing industry from the ground up using their decades of experience running their own plants. By ensuring each module is perfectly optimized for the manufacturing process, every client is able to manage all aspects of their process, from receiving stock to shipping out finished products.

But how exactly does Onramp Solutions’ ERP save you money?

There are many different ways in which a good ERP can save you money, but the most impactful ones can be real game changes when it comes to balancing your books.

Improved Workforce Scheduling

One of the largest sources of wasted revenue for businesses is inefficient scheduling of your workforce.

When you have overestimated the amount of manpower you need on a given day, you will be losing money on lost productivity as there is not enough work to occupy all present employees.

Conversely, when you under schedule your workforce, you run the risk of not being able to meet production deadlines and lose out on potential sales. Additionally, you might have to pay more in wages due to overtime to make up for the fewer employees on the production floor.

Onramp Solutions’ ERP is custom built for the manufacturing industry to schedule your workforce with optimum efficiency. The fully integrated system allows for a complete overview of all upcoming workforce requirements and intelligently schedule shifts accordingly.

“Never be caught out again with excessive overtime payments with live overtime tracking and manpower limiting processes built in.”

Never be caught out again with excessive overtime payments with live overtime tracking and manpower limiting processes built in. Manage your capacity the smart way, with shortages, excesses and percentages of capacity shown in easy to navigate visual representations.

With Onramp Solutions’ ERP, your workforce scheduling could be adjusted to suit your upcoming needs, saving your hard earned money for more important capital investments.

Intelligent Materials Forecasting

Another source of erroneous spending for many manufacturing plants is over- or underestimating material needs for upcoming projects.

Perhaps the more financially damaging of the two is ordering too much stock and being in a position of having more stock than you can sell. This is capital that is now tied up in your factory not earning you any money, and more than likely is actually losing you money. Having too much stock can mean you do not have enough money to invest in other important business units, which can have a snowball effect of damaging your profits even more.

Being understocked is also an undesirable position for any manufacturing plant owner. Having too little product on hand can mean missed sales opportunities, delays in delivering on current orders, and damaging your customer reputation in the process. Another related expense is having to express ship materials to meet consumer demand as you do not have enough on hand.

With Onramp Solutions’ ERP, you’ll never be overstocked or shorthanded again. Our intelligent resource planning module analyses upcoming orders and on hand inventory and manages additional material requests to ensure you’re always able to meet demand. By providing a holistic view of your plant’s current stock and capacity, Onramp Solutions’ ERP gives you the tools you need to make smart predictions and always have what you need whilst maintaining lean inventory levels.

Another benefit of having the complete picture of your current and future stock levels is being able to rapidly identify any suspicious dips in inventory. Theft is rare in the manufacturing industry but it does happen occasionally. Onramp Solutions’ ERP allows any missing stock to be identified and the source of the theft to be addressed before it costs you any more money.

“When you maintain optimal stock levels, your money is free to work harder for you elsewhere and improve your bottom line.”

When you maintain optimal stock levels, your money is free to work harder for you elsewhere and improve your bottom line. Likewise, plugging any inventory leaks before they make a serious impact in your revenue is just another way in which Onramp Solutions’ ERP saves you money in both the short term and long term.

Decreased Admin Costs

Administration is one of the painful realities of pretty much any business; a time consuming necessity that can cost a lot in lost man hours. Stacks of invoices, orders, shipping labels and packing slips need to be catalogued and stored for future reference. This often takes at least one if not multiple people to keep up with on a daily basis, tying up your valuable employees with mindless paperpushing.

This is another area in which Onramp Solutions’ ERP shines. Built in administration modules that communicate seamlessly with the shipping, inventory and finance modules means that all your paperwork is automatically digitized and stored in a few clicks. By having everything available to search wirelessly, that missing shipping label or stock list takes just seconds to locate, instead of hours.

Once Onramp Solutions’ ERP takes over the daily business administration, your employees will be free to focus on making important decisions and adding value to your company. This can save you a lot of money with heightened employee productivity and leaner administration payrolls. Additionally, by going paperless you’ll not only be saving money in the long run but also doing your bit for the environment as well. It’s a win win situation.

Administration costs can be a hidden expense that drains your manufacturing plant’s finances. By letting Onramp Solutions’ ERP handle the tedious day-to-day paperwork, your employees can focus on making important business decisions and increasing productivity.

“You will save thousands in wages when it comes to tax time, as all the reports are generated in seconds.”

You will save thousands in wages when it comes to tax time, as all reports are generated in seconds and no one needs to spend hours locating old paperwork.

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