From Our Customers: A Better ERP

Author: Vincent Bull in: Customer Success

From Our Customers: A Better ERP

July 8, 2021

Change is difficult. Changing your ERP is even more so. It’s because of this fact that OnRamp Solutions feels a certain amount of pride when a decision-maker leaves a facility that runs OnRamp ERP to work for a different firm and one of their first steps is to get them to adopt our OnRamp ERP. The tireless work of OnRamp’s staff to help Agri-Plastics get up and running on budget can be seen on the Agri-Plastics balance sheet.

About Agri-Plastics

Starting into an industry by doing one thing really well was how Agri-Plastics got their name stamped and visible in the Agricultural equipment sector. They make some of the best Calf Hutches in the world. Starting in 1995, their unique product quickly became a household name, which allowed them to start expanding with corporate acquisitions and a wider product line. Today, the Agri-Plastics group of companies is known as a market leader in the agricultural sector.

Hiring New Blood

When Agri-Plastics branched out into Canada, after acquiring a manufacturer in Stoney Creek, ON, they knew they needed local talent to get the most out of their new shop. Their new Operations Manager, Phil Moruzi, came with big ideas and big plans, but he found their current ERP kept getting in the way. As Phil put it: “Agri had an ERP that just wasn’t meeting our needs. I was working at Mancor while they were developing OnRamp and I saw first-hand the benefits it could bring to a company. When I was hired on to be the Operations Manager at Agri-Plastics, I did everything I could get the system put in play. “

Changing Systems

Of course, changing an ERP can lead to firm-wide headaches. This is why the senior brass at Agri-Plastics had their concerns. Here’s Phil again, “There was some push-back to changing over, especially recalling the headaches that were suffered when Agri first implemented an ERP, years ago. Eventually, in July 2018, everyone was on board.”

OnRamp Solutions was up to the challenge. Our experienced implementation staff quickly established good communication with the Agri-Plastics transition team to ensure everything went off according to plan. As Phil put it, “The OnRamp implementation team went above and beyond to ensure a successful launch with the project completed on time and on budget. Most staff were happy with the change too, since OnRamp was much easier to use than what they were accustomed to.”

Ongoing Success

That was OnRamp ERP implemented at just one Agri-Plastics location. The executives were so impressed by the usability, adoption rates, and quick implementation that by 2020 3 Agri-Plastics locations are currently using OnRamp ERP for their day-to-day, monthly, and yearly corporate management, with more on the way. Or as Phil told us, “With an ease of use, good training, and a quick implementation, two of our 3 sites were up and running by 2019 and OnRamp ERP has been implemented at the 3rd facility with great success. “

That level of praise can quickly go to your head and leave you slacking. But no ERP is perfect right out of the box and we work diligently to make OnRamp ERP the best ERP for our customers. Mr. Phil Moruzi let us know that, “It still amazes me how quickly new modules are put into production with minimal to no errors once any gaps are realized.”


Agri-Plastics Manufacturing manufactures plastic products. The Company offers a wide range of products, including calf hutches and pens, cargo boxes for all terrain vehicles, and variety of other custom, and proprietary product lines. Agri-Plastics Manufacturing serves customers across the globe.


  • Vincent Bull

    Vincent Bull is the current VP of Sales and Marketing at On-Ramp Solutions Inc. On-Ramp provides comprehensive, flexible fully integrated ERP, MES software solutions to manufacturing and services based companies. He is seasoned in the interaction between software solutions and pairing that with helping human resources improve their abilities to increase their production capacity. Vincent has a passion as well for sports such as basketball and has long been a supporter of such initiatives as The Guelph Board of Approved Basketball Officials. He also has volunteered at Special Olympics Ontario, for a host of different sporting events. Vince is a graduate of Georgian College in Ontario, holding a degree in Computer Programming.

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