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From Our Customers: Better Financials

September 27, 2021

Balanced Books in OnRamp

Keeping track of your accounts is crucial. There are few things more important to a company than balanced books and black ink on the ledger. But a sense of frustration was growing at Mancor due to the multiple applications, and added work, that came from disparate apps trying, and failing, to work together. This lead MJ Renton, Corporate Controller at Mancor Industries, to sign on and do double-duty by helping OnRamp Solutions design a better financials module that would work best for Mancor and, by extension, Canadian manufacturers.

About Mancor

With almost 60 years as a parts manufacturer and 7 plants in the US and Canada, Mancor Industries is a pillar in its sector. Starting by supplying parts to automakers in Southern Ontario, Canada in 1963, Mancor has slowly expanded operations into the US, with plants in PA, SC, IN, and OH. In 2006, fueled by unhappiness with it’s current Enterprise System, Mancor Chairman, Art Church, founded OnRamp Solutions to build a better ERP for the Canadian Manufacturing sector.

Digitize the Clutter

Over 40 years of expanding and producing goods for manufacturers and communicating with vendors will leave you with a lot of paperwork. Add to that all the global and regional standards and compliance that a company has to deal with and you end up with enough paper to fill a small house.

But this left a lot of problems for accounting and management. It was becoming very tiresome to organize all that paper and keep a decent record of where everything was located. There was always a spreadsheet to update, a value to enter into a different app, statements to send… It wasn’t a pen and paper office, but sometimes it felt like it. After seeing the potential in OnRamp when planning orders, MJ started to make requests to the OnRamp development team. Lots and lots of requests. Of course, MJ had a vision “I wanted to see our office go paperless, since this leads to a self-contained and accountable office with all the Mancor departments linked”.

A Leaner Office

Once things got started, the move to a more digital office was a blessing. As MJ has said “OnRamp was a huge time-saver. With so many tasks being automated, it meant that less staff could do more work with less errors”.

This lead to more departments feeling comfortable with moving to OnRamp, with procedures like Layered Process Audits and General Audits within the company and by outside auditors made easier, Human Resources including payroll and timekeeping done within OnRamp, and a payroll check generating app and a bank app being the only outside apps that the Finance department ever need use.

OnRamp added these features while conferring with the Finance department at Mancor Industries to ensure that the changes best reflect the desired functionality and improve productivity.

The biggest feature that MJ wanted added to OnRamp was Real-Time Financials. “I wanted real-time financials added to OnRamp so that we could get an immediate view of what was going on financially within Mancor”, says Ms. Renton.

Ongoing Improvements

While knowing that OnRamp is helping implement great improvements at our customers is always good to hear, technology doesn’t let us rest.

Along the way, OnRamp added EDI so our customers could send, receive, and process all orders, invoices, and receipts for vendors and customers. The Finance department also uses EDI to securely communicate with the bank to log checks, statements, and reconciliation.

The latest addition to OnRamp has been Form Recognition, which was championed by MJ and is already showing its benefits. “After setting up the FR Tool at Mancor, all that time we’d waste entering the details into OnRamp has been automated. We just have to quickly review the import and check for errors.” In closing, Ms. Renton let us know that ”OnRamp has helped us ensure that new time-savers are quickly implemented and that helps us maximize productivity in our office and on the shop floor.”


Mancor Industries manufactures automotive and heavy industry parts. The Company offers a wide range of products for multiple partners. Mancor Industries serves customers across the globe.


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