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From Our Customers: On Implementing OnRamp

April 13, 2021

There’s something to be said about hitting the ground running. Especially in the manufacturing industry. The ability to quickly turn around and implement a new process or system, especially an ERP, in a way that minimizes the impact to your customers is paramount. Formex Metal Industries discusses their experience with the OnRamp ERP implementation.

About Formex

You may not know Formex by name, but if you spend any time on North American roads, you’ve seen their handiwork. Supplying parts for automakers is an industry that has its own set of suppliers, and Formex has been a crucial partner for many key players for over 40 years. For the past 5 years, they have counted on OnRamp’s ERP to be the backbone of their planning and productivity.

Implementing OnRamp

It wasn’t always sunshine and fairways. Getting an ERP up and running is dirty business and picking the wrong partner can quickly have you in the weeds.

Two key things for any new process adoption are cost and time. Namely, the cost to get it working in a decent amount of time. Having some experience with other ERP’s, Jeff Collis, Ops Manager at Formex (and Formex Project Manager for the implementation) can tell it best:

“While the cost entry point was one of the things that piqued our interest, the turnaround time for implementation really helped us find pockets of savings before the end of the fiscal year. Ian and his team got us up and running in 3 months and on budget. “

Moving Forward with OnRamp

Of course, no tool as complex as an ERP is perfect for every manufacturer right out of the box. Everything you see in the system is useful, but there may be small changes that need to be made to best suit your business. In this, Mr. Collis can help with an answer based on his experience as an OnRamp customer:

“The system had a lot of useful tools when we signed on, but what impressed me most was that as soon as we found something that we wanted that OnRamp didn’t have, they put that into production in a hurry. No request was off the table if it made sense. “, says Collis, “They are a team that are always ready to listen to our requests and adjust the software to help us improve our performance. “

Change for the Better

Over the last five years, Formex has seen and felt the benefits of OnRamp. From a best-in-class DCP module, to a QMS module that has helped their team decrease scrap and improve process with SPC and return / reject tracking.

Jeff also adds “Savings have continued to carry over, improving our productivity and customer satisfaction while decreasing waste, year after year.”


Formex Metal Industries is a privately-owned corporation in Kitchener, Ontario dedicated to the production of precision machined products, formed tubular products, assemblies and secondary operation processes.


  • Vincent Bull

    Vincent Bull is the current VP of Sales and Marketing at On-Ramp Solutions Inc. On-Ramp provides comprehensive, flexible fully integrated ERP, MES software solutions to manufacturing and services based companies. He is seasoned in the interaction between software solutions and pairing that with helping human resources improve their abilities to increase their production capacity. Vincent has a passion as well for sports such as basketball and has long been a supporter of such initiatives as The Guelph Board of Approved Basketball Officials. He also has volunteered at Special Olympics Ontario, for a host of different sporting events. Vince is a graduate of Georgian College in Ontario, holding a degree in Computer Programming.

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