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Generating Reports in OnRamp

September 29, 2016

One of OnRamps core features is to enable users to generate reports. There is a huge selection of reporting options depending on which specific data you require.

Each report screen will have its own unique set of criteria and filters but there is basic functionality that is common to all report screens.

To recognize a report screen in OnRamps main navigation tree there are 3 key elements to look for.  The first is the screen code, it will always start with the letter “R”, for example: [R3053]. The second is the icon, a report screen will always have a PDF icon in the navigation tree. Lastly, there is the name of the actual report.

Generating Reports in OnRamp

Each report screen will have a variety of criteria and filters that will enable you to select the data you want to refine the report to your needs.

When you open any report the instruction screen will appear. Most, but not all report screens will have criteria and filter options that can be selected from drop down menus. To open the criteria or filters tab, click the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Some reports just require you to click the “Generate” button to create the report.

Once you’re happy with your selected criteria and filters, click the generate button.

When a new Report has been generated, the status bar will turn yellow. This indicates that the Report was regenerated, but has not yet been saved. The time at which the Report was regenerated will also appear. The Save button will be accessible, allowing you the option to save the refreshed Report.

You can also print or save the newly generated PDF report from the PDF controls when you mouse over the report.

We hope you found this tutorial useful.

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