Health and Safety in OnRamp ERP

Author: Paul Henriques in: HR, Skills, and Training

August 26, 2022

Health and Safety in OnRamp ERP

Large tools, sharp edges, superheated elements, explosive gases, and repetitive actions. Manufacturing is full of hazards. Both you and your workforce should take these seriously.

While it may not seem like it, a safe workplace is more productive than an unsafe one. This is because a workplace without incidents sees less lost time from staff with physical issues, less machine stoppage time, and less time filling out reports or being inspected by your local labor board. Sometimes, to speed up and order, or rush to clock out for the weekend, staff can get careless. This is when safety can go from a preventive concern to a life-saving measure. No one wants their last day to be at work.

OnRamp wants to help you keep up with personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, safety training, and incident tracking. As an ERP developed with input from all its customers, OnRamp ERP has an integrated Health and Safety module that can help you with:

  • Staff training in all areas, including safety certifications
  • Non-production inventory and supplies, including PPE
  • Major and minor safety incident reporting
  • Federal and local reporting documents

Health and Safety in OnRamp ERP

With health and safety being divided up into 3 areas, OnRamp ERP also sections off each previously mentioned portion of H&S into each area.

Staff Training

Staff training is covered under Human Resources / Training Skills. Here, you can assign safety certification to jobs that would require it, or even simple safety training that are recommended for a work center or job role.

Training Gap by Employee Training Required by work center

PPE Supplies

While some PPE gear should be provided by the worker, other things can be required by the firm. In this, you can use the OnRamp ERP Non-Production Purchasing system to purchase and track the cost and location in inventory of your site PPE.

Non-Production Purchase Orders

Incident Reporting

The central part of health and safety: the Incident Reporting screens. Use this area to enter information related to the incidents, which will help you track why the issue happened and work to ensure it doesn’t happen again while also providing the required data to present to any authorities, if required.

Incident Master

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