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How to Load Standard Nests More Efficiently

January 18, 2017

Load Standard Nests More EfficientlyAt OnRamp we are always looking at ways to improve the user experience of our software for our customers. During an analysis of the standard nest loading interfaces, we realized that the screen functions and information management could be more intuitive and efficient. We also wanted to eliminate the need to switch between two screens to load standard nest.

The solution we created was a combination of the Suggested Nesting MRP [S2064] screen and the Nest Work Order [S2060] screen. The redesigned layout now includes the suggested MRP quantity and makes referencing parts and materials information more efficient.

Here is an example of the redesigned screen and how, with only a few steps, we can prepare and load a standard nest for work order release.

Load Standard Nests More EfficientlyOpen the Nest WO by Suggested Standard Nest [S2804]

1. Click on the Load Group frame.
2. Click Add in the bottom menu. (The system will generate a new group number automatically)
3. Select the Nest Work Center from the drop down menu.
4. Click OK to continue.
5. Click on the Load Standard Nest frame.
6. Enter the days forward in the Days Forward field.
7. Select the Person responsible for the specific planner from the drop down menu.
8. Select All or a specific Planner from the drop down menu.
9. Selected With Demand from the Show drop down menu. (This will show the standard nests with the demand suggested by MRP.)
10. Select the Std. Nest you would like to release.
11. Click the Load Nest button. (This will load the part materials into the Unreleased Nests frame and the component part in the Unreleased Nest Components frame.)

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