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OnRamp Welcomes New Co-op Student Jagbir Dhillon

April 28, 2017
New Co-op Student Jagbir Dhillon

OnRamp would like to welcome our newest co-op student, Jagbir Dhillon (Jag). Jag has just completed his second year studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo and will be working with us here at OnRamp for the next 4 months.

He will be taking over all of the ongoing projects from our departing co-op student, Jaron, who finishes his time with OnRamp on April 28th.

We asked Jag how the projects he will be working on at Onramp will relate to his school work.

I have completed two circuits courses, several mechanical engineering courses and a software programming course. At my previous co-op placement, I was able to apply what I learned from my mechanical engineering courses, however I have still to experience software programming and circuit design in a professional working environment. I am very excited to learn the ins and outs of programming circuitry.”

We also asked him about his aspiration for the future.

I am not sure what sector of engineering I will commit to working in, so that is why I am in the co-op program. To learn and experience what inspires me and to experience what does not.

I am very excited to join the OnRamp team since it will take me a step closer to determining which path of engineering is the right one for me. I like the fact that I will be able to learn more programming and electrical at Onramp since I liked those courses the most in university. I now have an opportunity to apply what I have learned at University in a real-world environment, so I will see if they are the right fit for me.

Regardless of which sector of engineering I work in, I want to change the world. I am very inspired by Elon Musk and one day I hope to impact the world in a similar fashion.

Jag is very passionate about the automotive industry and he also enjoys photography, listening to hip hop, and keeping fit.

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