Notifications in OnRamp

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Notifications in OnRamp

September 29, 2022

OnRamp comes with a notification system that contacts you when various actions happen in the system, such as:

  • Down tools and machines
  • When an offer is pending approval
  • Audit schedule change
  • When an employee answers yes to a covid-19 questionnaire
  • Automated systems, like EDI or Form Recognition have an error
  • When an item, like expense forms, need approval
  • When sensitive information, like invoice data, has been modified
  • When preventive maintenance hasn’t been performed
  • When maintenance is requested
  • And many more

These notifications are sent as an email, OnRamp ERP push notification, SMS text message, or OnRamp Android App notifications.

While OnRamp comes prepackaged with many notifications, you can create one for your environment or request that one be made.

You can also add site-specific validation for screen fields. These validations can be added for multiple reasons. For example:

  • Add a validation to prevent certain users from running applications.
  • Add a validation to prevent fields from having values outside a certain range.

With validations when users are entering data, or using certain screens, they will get a warning message detailing what they are doing and why they are getting the notification.

All notifications, including validation notifications, are created on Notification Master [S2840] with SQL Queries.

Subscribing to Notifications

The Subscribe to Notifications [S2841] screen enables system administrators to subscribe users to different types of email notifications based on what action has been triggered on a screen.

Notification subscriptions are a great way to inform team members when certain data is entered into the system, which improves communication and process transparency.

OnRamp recommends that you have an end goal in mind before setting up your notification logic. A simple rule is:

  • Who is receiving the notification
  • What information are they receiving
  • When are they receiving it.

When subscribing to a notification, you can opt to how to filter the notifications. For example, if you are subscribed to an approval-type notification to SMS, you can select to only receive notifications while you are working and only once an hour.

Finally, you can also limit your subscriptions to certain work center groups.

Assign Users to Alert Groups

To be notified when a work center shop monitor generates an alert.

To assign users to an alert group:

  1. On Local Codes[S1502], select the Code Group: WCShopAlertGroup.
  2. On the screen task bar, click Add and enter the code information.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Navigate to Work Center Master[S1019] to select the desired work group.
  5. On the screen task bar, click Edit and select the desired Shop Alert Group.
  6. Open Subscribe to Alert Group Notifications[S4059] and select the desired User.
  7. On the desired group, click Subscribe.
  8. Finally, on Subscribe to Notifications [S2841], select the user under Notifications For.
  9. Subscribe to the desired notifications. For example:
    • OR_MAINT_DAILY_PENDING – Notifies the selected user when a Maintenance WO is created as a result of tasks not being completed on a Daily or Shift PM.
    • OR_SA_MAINTENANCE – Notifies the selected user when a MAINTENANCE Shop Alert happens.
    • OR_WCS_DOWN – Notifies the selected user when work centers are down.

Note: Your OnRamp instance may have other notifications that you need to subscribe to.

  1. On the Subscribed Notifications frame, select the desired notification.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Review the notification parameters, such as the filter, frequency, pattern, and delivery type.

Tip: Select the ImResponsible option under filter to only be notified of issues that happen to work centers that you have subscribed to on step 7.

  1. Click Save.

For more information on how to create notifications and subscribe to those notifications in OnRamp, please visit our Online Help


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