OnRamp ERP and Customizations

Author: Paul Henriques in: Implementations

May 6, 2022

OnRamp ERP and Customizations

“Let’s see what we can do”. This has been a driving force in OnRamp ERP since it’s inception. Onramp was started as an internal ERP project at a discrete manufacturer, Mancor Industries, after they got tired of having all their plug-ins and add-ons break whenever their ERP released an update.

With downtime and low-productivity weeks costing the company in multiple ways, it was time to crunch some numbers. After reviewing the data, it was determined that investing in building a new ERP would be more cost effective than paying large multi-national companies and then being at their mercy.

What followed was an open feature period, where any person in any department could submit a request for a feature that would improve their daily processes. “Tell us what you want and why and then let’s see what we can do”. This process led to OnRamp ERP. But, perhaps more importantly, it led to a culture of listening to any request.

In other words:

  • OnRamp ERP was developed for a discrete manufacturer with distinct business to business clients. But because of the “Let’s see what we can do” attitude, when a new customer asked for a way to post over the counter sales, the feature was added.
  • When a customer moved to a new shipping method, OnRamp updated and added screens, fields, and reports to accommodate the new shipping method in a way that allowed other customers to use their old method, or switch to the new one.
  • If a customer asks for a new report or dashboard to show information in a way that OnRamp hasn’t considered, the report is added for all customers, to show them their data in the new way.
  • For customers that want to export data to work in a separate tool, OnRamp has its own API to help.

These are just some of the new features added to OnRamp ERP to improve our customers user experience.

All-in-One and No Plug-ins

OnRamp ERP was made with the power of one. One system, one database, one fee. One of our goals is to help you avoid acquiring external systems. This means we actively work with you, our customer, to build new program features that you will need. Contacting OnRamp ERP Support means discussing the issue you are trying to solve. And that doesn’t always mean a new feature. Sometimes there is already a system in place, but there can be some modifications required for the system to work for you. When that is the case, our support team is there to help.

OnRamp ERP can help you cut down on your IT budget by removing the costs to acquire and maintain add-ons and plug-ins.

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