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Author: Paul Henriques in: New Features

August 4, 2023

OnRamp ERP Chat

OnRamp ERP now features an internal, cross-site, Chat that allows you to instantly communicate with any person or work station across all your environments. For example, if you had a plant in California and another in Canada, you can chat with all users in both locations without having to sign in to different sites.

OnRamp Chat does this by associating your chat ID to a single email address as an identifier, either your internal or a personal email address, instead of your username.

Like most chat programs, OnRamp Chat allows you to chat with just one person or create a group. Groups can be used to open a chat for a certain department, like finance or IT, or a group of friends.

Through OnRamp Chat, you can send text messages, files, GIFs, snippets and links. Also, you can send OnRamp items, like a copy of a report or an image capture of a dashboard or a screen.

It also works with OnRamp notifications, meaning you can subscribe to notifications that will be received on your chat.

As mentioned, OnRamp Chat also works on OnRamp shop floor devices. Users at work centers that have a shop monitor installed will have the ability to view chat on their shop monitor screens. This allows you to communicate directly with people at the work center with a live chat.

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