OnRamp ERP Document Storage Retrieval Module

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January 4, 2023

OnRamp ERP Document Storage Retrieval Module

OnRamp includes a document storage and retrieval (DSR) system that allows you to organize and share relevant documents with your teams. DSR uses the OnRamp security system to ensure that only users with the set access can view or edit the documents and files. The DSR system also allows you to:

  • Set document cut-in/ cut-out dates so that files will only be visible during that date window
  • Share network drives and folders in their current structure without needing to directly share the locations via Windows
  • Maintain a file revision history while only sharing the latest copy
  • Keep and share the history of any report in OnRamp
  • Share the DSR setup with your other sites to consolidate the way all your teams view and access saved documents

Document storage and retrieval in one of the following 3 ways:

  • You can use the Document Storage Retrieval Administration [S1128] screen to manage your site documents. Changes made here will appear on the Main Menu > Documents tab.
  • You can use the Document Storage Retrieval View [S1129] screen to view the documents and document tree structure.
  • You can access the documents that are available to you, based on your user ID access, on the Main Menu > Documents tab.

Document Storage Types

The Document Storage Type sets what the document item is. For example, a type of Folder will setup the item as a folder, which will allow you to expand the folder and create more items within it. The following is the list of document storage types available:

For more information, see our DSR Online Help article.


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