OnRamp Paint Line Operations

Author: Paul Henriques in: Painting and Coating

February 2, 2022

OnRamp Paint Line Operations

Keep a detailed record of your paint line and coating operations OnRamps fully featured ERP comes equipped with a built-in paint line management module to keep you in the know on every square inch of your painting operations, like: the number of hooks required per part, the paint density for every part, the amount of paint per part, the drying time, and what customer to return the part to and when.

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Our painting management module ties seamlessly into all the other OnRamp modules that are part of the ERP so that you can manage your financials, your parts, your time keeping, and everything else your shop needs to stay a step ahead of your competition.

OnRamps built-in paint line management module features:

  • Customer supplied material processing and tracking, where:
    • Customer supplied parts can be added to inventory at $0 value
    • Unprocessed parts are inventoried by lot/heat number to ensure total traceability to customer
    • Work Orders are released by lot/heat number, which gets converted into finished part with costs reflecting only the value added
    • Customer supplied parts are automatically removed from inventory once value has been added
    • Order tracking that can report to the customer exactly how many unprocessed/WIP/finished parts are available
    • All parts are shipped to customer with customer specific labelling/paperwork
    • All shipments automatically generate and invoicing and required shipping documents, such as bills of lading and customs forms for international shipments
    • ASN can be sent automatically
OnRamp Paint Line Operations
  • Customer communication transparency:
    • With the customer portal, your clients can see where their parts are in real-time
    • This same data can be forwarded to the customer by email
    • Automatic receiving notifications are sent to the customer when their order arrives at your shop
    • Automatic dispatch notifications sent when the supplied parts are shipped back
OnRamp Paint Line Operations - Onramp Solutions
  • Standardize and improve your workflows with better traceability:
    • Work orders detailing every step of the process
    • Work instructions visible at the station
    • Fixture/tooling/hook information printed directly on the work order
    • Full traceability at every process
  • Detailed BOM, including the costs for chemicals and other materials used in the processes:
    • Document and track every material used at each process
    • Multiple units of measure inventory in one unit, order in vendor units
  • Different customer supplied material has different part numbers assigned with specific routing processes
  • Same material – different process – different part. If the customer supplies the same material but they want one batch coated and the next barrel zinced, you can create two parts that use the same material but rout it through the different work centers with different chemicals
  • Smart price lists that allow you to set the price per part with discounts for bulk orders over x amount, where different clients can have different prices for the same process
  • Quick and easy dashboards and reports that show real-time data
  • Part-specific details such as coating thickness and quality measures

OnRamp also includes:

  • Smart-shop friendly with mobile apps and barcode scanners:
    • Android application can be installed on supported barcode scanners
    • Achieve 100% accuracy on shipments
    • 100’s of label formats built-in
    • Customizable labels upon request
  • Integrated financials:
    • Fully integrated financial system allows for weekly full financial statements
    • Know where your business is making and losing money
    • Processes are fully automated to ensure data accuracy
    • Drill down P&L
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows you to scan invoices and have them automatically entered into AR/AP
    • Fully automated business modelling and forecasts
    • Customizable spreadsheet plug-ins allow you to export data from OnRamp and load it directly to any spreadsheet
    • Automatic bank reconciliations from digital bank statements
  • Simple and accurate Inventory Management:
    • Inventory is automatically added/removed through transactions
    • Easily see live inventory of all materials, chemicals, etc.
    • Built in cycle counting tools and scheduling
    • Eliminate costly yearend inventory counting
    • Utilize safety stock tools
    • MRP calculations ensure you never run out of raw materials again
  • Automatically calculated invoices based on supplied data
  • Detailed costing calculations, which include operation costs, are calculated along with the invoice amounts to ensure accurate cost amount and sales reporting
  • Detailed costing and pricing improve quote and estimation capabilities based on supplied processing data
  • Automated and manual scheduling for improved flexibility, including re-scheduling or re-prioritizing orders
  • HR and Timekeeping integration which also lead to improved capacity planning and costing
  • Available on any device, anytime, and anywhere
  • Improved service flexibility by hosting locally or on the cloud so you don’t need to purchase new and expensive hardware
  • Proven and experienced implementation team and plan ensure a quick implementation and includes data conversion
  • Support and regular patches included
  • In-person and online training
  • One system, one database, one price

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