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OnRamp Release Highlights – March 2017

March 17, 2017

OnRamp Release HighlightsWelcome to this month’s OnRamp release highlight feature. Today’s update summary includes a variety of different functionality updates, new features, report updates and new reports that have been released over the last few weeks.

Screen updates

Customer Master [S1092]
Added ‘Num Invoice Copies‘ field. This will generate additional copies of an invoice within the generated invoice .pdf document.

NCR Disposition [S1995]
Added ‘Change Status‘ combo box and ‘Update All‘ button to enable updating the status of all items on the grid at once.

S1094 (Vendor Master [S1094]
Add field ‘PO Comment’ to ‘Receiving’ Tab. This comment will appear in the ‘Comment‘ section of a purchase order.

Release Work Order by Planner [S1282]
Added button ‘View BOM‘.

Sales Orders by Part [S1247]
Added ‘Customer PO File‘ to ‘EDI Info‘ tab.

File Transfer Management (FTP) [S4207]
Added ‘Preserve File Time stamps‘ checkbox.

Customer Shipping Labels [S1935]
Added ‘Drill Down‘ to grid. This option will limit printing of labels to a specified depth in the shipping structure.

New Reports

R3583 — Inventory by Customer Group

R4392 — Suggested Work Orders (BOM)

R3019 — Customer Setup

Report updates

R3013— Production Report for Saleable Parts
Added ‘Transaction Code‘ criteria filter.

R3096— GL Account Detail Report by Date
Added column ‘Project‘ to report.

R4800—Quote Detail List
Added columns for ‘Awarded Date‘, ‘Number of Times quoted‘ & ‘Primary Buyer Name‘.

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