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OnRamp Release Highlights – June 2021

July 6, 2021

Here are the new features that were added to OnRamp ERP in June 2021:

    • New Module Applicant Tracking BETA Release. For more information, see Applicant Tracking System.
    • Paint Density Review S1057 – Paint Density BETA Release.


    • Assign New Picksheets S1030 – Added the Other Tickets tab to help with visibility.
    • Assign Existing Picksheets S1036 – Added the option to Change the Quantity Remaining.
    • Pick Ticket Inquiry S1051 – Added the ability to filter for Requested to Close tickets.
    • Customer Shipments S2648 – Added Dates and Taxes on previewed invoices for shipments with future dispatch dates.
    • Work Center Schedule S2659 – Added a grid for Related Tools and Fixtures to the screen.
    • Customer Late Expedite S2667 – On Packaging Instructions, included the part packing instructions, if any, after the Sales Order packing instructions.
    • Signature Update S8025 – Added new screen.
    • Move Oldest Lot S8029 – Change the default value for To Location to the Point of use location when a part is selected on the Android app screen Inventory > Move Oldest Lot.
    • Sign BOL S8031 – Added new screen.


    • Open Dealer Orders R1052 – Added new report.
    • Daily Square Feet Demand R1053 – Added new report.
    • History of Available WO Operation Hours by DCP Group and Day R3611 – Added new report.
    • History of Available SQFT for Paint R3612 – Added new report.
    • Customer Shipped Hours R3613 – Added new report.
    • Parts in Receving Locations More Than 1 Working Day R3614 – Added new report.
    • Customer Lates Report – By Days Late R5067 – Added new report.


    • Shipped Parts & Lines By Day D1203 – Added new dashboard.
    • Forecast Shipped Parts & Lines by Day D1204 – Added new dashboard.
    • SQFT Demand for Paint D1205 – Added new dashboard.
    • Pick Tickets Shipped by Day D1206 – Added new dashboard.
    • Forecasted Shipment Lines by Week D1207 – Added new dashboard.
    • Pick Tickets Shipped by Week D1208 – Added new dashboard.
    • History of Available Hours By Day D1209 – Added new dashboard.
    • History of Available SQFT by Day D1210 – Added new dashboard.
    • Total PM WOs VS Late by Date D1211 – Added new dashboard.

General Features

    • Increased assembly pick list to more than 255 pages.
    • Modified copy part process so that it won’t copy standard cost & time.
    • Added history of Available Hours at WO Operation by DCP Group.
    • Added history of Available SQFT to Paint by DCP Group.

For a complete list of OnRamp features, improvements, and fixes, see our Online Help – What’s New.

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