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OnRamp Release Highlights – June 2021

July 6, 2021

Here are the new features that were added to OnRamp ERP in June 2021:

    • New Module Applicant Tracking BETA Release. For more information, see Applicant Tracking System.
    • Paint Density Review S1057 – Paint Density BETA Release.


    • Assign New Picksheets S1030 – Added the Other Tickets tab to help with visibility.
    • Assign Existing Picksheets S1036 – Added the option to Change the Quantity Remaining.
    • Pick Ticket Inquiry S1051 – Added the ability to filter for Requested to Close tickets.
    • Customer Shipments S2648 – Added Dates and Taxes on previewed invoices for shipments with future dispatch dates.
    • Work Center Schedule S2659 – Added a grid for Related Tools and Fixtures to the screen.
    • Customer Late Expedite S2667 – On Packaging Instructions, included the part packing instructions, if any, after the Sales Order packing instructions.
    • Signature Update S8025 – Added new screen.
    • Move Oldest Lot S8029 – Change the default value for To Location to the Point of use location when a part is selected on the Android app screen Inventory > Move Oldest Lot.
    • Sign BOL S8031 – Added new screen.


    • Open Dealer Orders R1052 – Added new report.
    • Daily Square Feet Demand R1053 – Added new report.
    • History of Available WO Operation Hours by DCP Group and Day R3611 – Added new report.
    • History of Available SQFT for Paint R3612 – Added new report.
    • Customer Shipped Hours R3613 – Added new report.
    • Parts in Receving Locations More Than 1 Working Day R3614 – Added new report.
    • Customer Lates Report – By Days Late R5067 – Added new report.


    • Shipped Parts & Lines By Day D1203 – Added new dashboard.
    • Forecast Shipped Parts & Lines by Day D1204 – Added new dashboard.
    • SQFT Demand for Paint D1205 – Added new dashboard.
    • Pick Tickets Shipped by Day D1206 – Added new dashboard.
    • Forecasted Shipment Lines by Week D1207 – Added new dashboard.
    • Pick Tickets Shipped by Week D1208 – Added new dashboard.
    • History of Available Hours By Day D1209 – Added new dashboard.
    • History of Available SQFT by Day D1210 – Added new dashboard.
    • Total PM WOs VS Late by Date D1211 – Added new dashboard.

General Features

    • Increased assembly pick list to more than 255 pages.
    • Modified copy part process so that it won’t copy standard cost & time.
    • Added history of Available Hours at WO Operation by DCP Group.
    • Added history of Available SQFT to Paint by DCP Group.

For a complete list of OnRamp features, improvements, and fixes, see our Online Help – What’s New.


  • Paul Henriques

    Paul Henriques is the current Manager for the Documentation and Training team at OnRamp Solutions Inc. Paul has over 15 years of experience in writing training material and documentation for various software companies. Having had to learn OnRamp ERP to better document it’s features and write training material; Paul is constantly stunned by the amount of thought that goes into each feature and the capabilities that are within the program, with features for all the various business units of a manufactory. Paul spends most of his free time keeping up to date on all the latest news and best practices for the manufacturing sector. Paul’s favorite manufacturing quote: “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” – Henry Ford

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