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April 1, 2021

OnRamp Release Highlights – New Timeclock

Here are the new features that were added to OnRamp ERP in March 2021:

  • The Form Recognition Tool received a new update. Users can now setup the Form Tool to scan in Customer Receipts. See More…
  • There is a new TimeClock layout available that allows staff to manually enter their employee ID on a touch-screen enabled device or to scan their employee card.
  • If the device running TimeClock has the capability, TimeClock scans the employee’s temperature as they are punching in to ensure they do not have a fever.
  • Users can edit and resolve multiple Material Defect Reports (MDRs) at once, with successfully resolved MDRs automatically closing. All this is done on screen S1545. See More…
  • Users can review Visitor COVID-19 forms by the date they were entered.
  • Vendor Vouchers can now be easily reversed with a single button on screen S1654.
  • Users can submit an NCR and scrap inventory for specific work order items on a nest work order.
  • When adding a part to a sales order, users will receive a warning if they are adding a part that is not assigned to a price list.

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