OnRamp Release Highlights – September/October 2021

Author: Paul Henriques in: New Features

November 1, 2021

OnRamp Release Highlights – September/October 2021

New Features in OnRamp ERP

Here are the new features that were added to OnRamp ERP in September and October 2021:

General Changes

Scanning Work Orders

With the cursor in any Work Order field on any screen, you can use the scanner attached to the workstation to scan the work order hard copy barcode to bring up the work order details on that active screen. For example:

  1. On Work Order Inquiry [S1100], select the Work Order field.
  2. With your scanner, scan the barcode on the work order.

OnRamp ERP will bring up the details for the work order.

Because of this, the Optional Barcode field has been removed from screens.

For more information, see the OnRamp Online Help Screen Controls page.

Emailing Customer Contacts

You can now email invoices to customer contacts for Ship To customers. To do this:

  1. On Customer Contacts [S1255], select the customer.
  2. Select the customer contact, or add a new one.
  3. In the E-mail field, ensure the contact has the correct email address entered.
  4. On the Invoices field, select To.

When creating invoices for the customer, OnRamp ERP will email a PDF copy to the contact.

Adding Records

When managing records on any screen, you can select the Manage button to add, edit, or delete records for the respective field.

For example:

  1. On Part Master [S1009] > Planning, select WO Message.
  2. At the end of the drop-down menu header row, you can see the Manage button .
  3. Click the button to launch the Local Codes [S1502] screen to manage the records that appear on the WO Message field.

This is especially useful if you are not familiar with the record source.

Note: The shortcut is restricted by user security access.

For more information, see the OnRamp Online Help Screen Controls page.

Vaccination Status on Employee Master

To ensure compliance with local mandates and regulations, the Vaccine Status field was added to Employee Master [S1722] > Medical tab.

The available options can be updated on Local Codes [S1502].

Note: This field is encrypted and can only be viewed by users with HR security access.

Also, the Employee Vaccine Status by Department [R1646] report was added exclusively for HR security access to assist in reporting.

For more information, see the OnRamp Online Help Manage Employees page.


Added new screens and reports to review employee hours:

  • Employees can view their supervisor-approved hours on Employee Hours by Period Inquiry [S2724].
    • Employees enter their Employee ID and OnRamp ERP displays all their shift and punch information.
  • HR can use report Employee Hours Summary by Period [R1645] to review employee hours by type in daily or weekly buckets.

For more information, see the OnRamp Online Help Review Employee Hours page.

Translating Screens

Users can now set their preferred language on User Options and Preferences [S2065]. This will cause OnRamp ERP to call-up a machine translation by Google Translate for screen objects.

Field text can also be translated on command by pressing F2 on your keyboard. This will launch Translation [S1076], where the source text is translated to the destination language.


  • Machine translations may not be grammatically correct.
  • Typos in the source text may translate incorrectly into the destination language.

For more information, see the OnRamp Online Help Screen Controls page.

Internal Deviations

OnRamp has a new feature to request, track, and approve internally created work order process deviations.

Internal deviation requests are added on Internal Deviation Form [S2725].

Once the deviation form is added, the form is submitted to the selected teams for approval. Approvals, or rejections, are processed on Approve Internal Deviation Form [S2726].

Rejected deviation forms are returned to Internal Deviation Form [S2725] with a status of Pending. These forms need to be updated and re-submitted.

Print approved forms to attach to the original work order.

Reported deviations can be reviewed on the new Work Order Inquiry [S1100] > Deviation tab.

Note: This is for information only. While the deviation may require added work from other work centers, the demand hours and earned hours are still listed under the original work center.

For more information, see the OnRamp Online Help Internal Deviations page.


Internal Deviations

To track deviation forms, new system notifications have been added. Subscribe to the notifications on Subscribe to Notifications [S2841]:

  • Notify subscriber when Internal Deviation Form was submitted.
  • Notify subscriber who submitted the deviation when a decision is made on the submitted form.

Validation Checks

You can add site-specific validation for screen fields. These validations can be added for multiple reasons. For example:

  • Add a validation to prevent certain users from running applications.
  • Add a validation to prevent fields from having values outside a certain range.

Validation notifications are created on Notification Master [S2840] with SQL Queries. For assistance in creating validations, please contact OnRamp support through the application.

For more information, see the OnRamp Online Help Notifications page.


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