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OnRamp Vision System

August 9, 2021

In OnRamp, you can setup a vision system with one or a series of cameras or scanners to view and test a part during production.

OnRamp Vision System

This information can be used by Quality Control to confirm that parts are being made to specifications. This data can also be used in SPC.

Vision system setup is mostly performed on the Vision System Management screen in OnRamp.

The Vision System Management screen is divided up into 3 frames:

  • Vision Parts is where you add what part the vision system will be applied to and what information to send when the testing is successful.
  • Camera Definition is where you add what cameras or scanners will be used to view and test the part.
  • Camera Details is where you add what tests each camera will take on the part.


Before using the vision system, the following items are required:

  • Parts must be entered on Part Master [S1009]
  • Parameter master record with Parameter ID of VIS_GROUP must be entered on Parameter Management [S2663]
  • VIS_GROUP must have at least one Parameter Detail entry created on Parameter Management [S2663] or Parameter Detail [S2711]

Adding a vision system

Add the settings and details for the cameras that will capture images of the parts as they are being produced on Vision System Management [S2823].

Adding the cameras is a 3-step process:

  1. Add the part vision system
  2. Add the camera definitions
  3. Add the camera details

Once the setup is complete, assign the vision system to a shop device on Device / Shop Monitor Manager [S2605]

For more information on setting up the Vision System, see our Online Help.


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