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April 14, 2022

OnRamp Vision System at FabTech Canada 2022

FabTECH Canada 2022 is coming to Toronto from June 14 – 16!

We will be there and we want to see you there too.

As the months turn into weeks and we barrel onward, we can’t wait to see you live and in colour at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Come by our booth to see some of the exciting things we have been working on this past year.

A lot of the technology we develop helps automate some of the more menial tasks of your day to day. And with labour crunches becoming a constant part of the manufacturing sector, anything that saves man hours, is a good thing. One of the crucial developments for better quality is the Vision System. This software system automatically captures images of parts in production and reports on various aspects including size, colour, and acceptable deviation. All this while typing into your central QMS system and reporting on SPC and PPM values. Shops that have implemented the Vision System have seen a 35% decrease in labour hours used in quality control and work center operations and a decrease of 50% in scrap and extra-processing. For more information on setting up the OnRamp Vision system, check out our page here.

Contact us for a personal time to talk about this and more of OnRamps ERP features at the show. Book first and get first pick of available time slots.

Come for the coffee and treats, stay for the productivity improvements.

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