Stand up Morning Production Meeting

Author: Paul Henriques in: Operations

April 15, 2022

Stand-up Morning Production Meetings

The stand-up morning production meeting is a staple of Lean. Used to improve decision making and maximize the productivity for all staff, it is something that is done that the start or end of the shift and should only take a few minutes. Since a stand-up meeting should include the whole team, the meetings aren’t really about fixing problems, but are about presenting information. If a problem is mentioned, then you should schedule a time to address the problem with those that can have a direct impact.

Planning your Production Meetings

A good production meeting should have an agenda that is followed closely every day with the relevant dashboards and white boards up and ready to be used as reference. Having the dashboards displayed also gives you a focal point for the meeting.

While some companies look at the productive time of a morning meeting as a loss, the truth is that the benefits of meeting to discuss issues outweigh the costs in productivity by providing better and clearer communication to the team, which improve job satisfaction, decrease machine downtime, and improve actual productivity. These returns quickly pay for the 10 minutes that it takes to run the meeting. Also, because of the repetitive nature of the morning meeting, you can rotate the meeting leader, thus allowing all your staff to show their leadership skills with the goal of promoting from within.

Sample Meeting Agenda

  1. Discuss yesterday’s problems and how they were resolved: 2 minutes
  2. Discuss today’s goals and unusual requests: 3 minutes
  3. Ongoing projects: 2 minutes. This can include upcoming product launches and how they are meant to be used by your customers, so your staff can understand what they are making.
  4. Current and corporate events: 2 minutes. This can include current global events and trends along with corporate news and team events like birthdays or other major news.
  5. Questions and answers with unanswered important questions answered in point 1 the following workday: 2 minutes

Having an agenda helps:

  • Keep you on track
  • Pre-plan the meeting
  • Quickly identify issues
  • Minimize personal conversations
  • Managers track and prioritize issues

Production Meeting Dashboards

For a manufacturer/ fabricator, your morning meeting dashboards should include information related to your customer lates, late purchase and work orders, work centers that have orders that are past due, along with information related to scrap, defects, and PPM.

In OnRamp, you can use the following dashboards to review your ongoing issues:

  • Internal PPM
  • Today Customer Lates
  • Customer Lates by Day
  • Today WO Lates (Dial)
  • WO Lates By Day (Line)
  • Current Late WO by Number of Days Late (Bar)
  • DCP Supply VS Demand
  • DCP by Customer demand
  • Paint Line Total SF Painted By Day
  • Past Due Hours History
  • Today Past Due Hours
Morning Meeting Dashboard

Along with the following Past Due Hours History dashboards filtered by DCP group, so that you can get a more precise view of where your DCP needs attention:

Past Due Dashboard by DCP

For more information on setting up dashboards, see the OnRamp Online Help topic Manage Dashboards.


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