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Quick Tip – OnRamps “Delete” Action Mode

October 26, 2016

This week’s Quick Tip looks at the “Delete” action mode in OnRamp. The “Delete” mode allows users remove information from a screen. It should be noted that not all screen will have this function as they may be for purely browsing purposes. In addition, depending on the user’s role they may or may not be able to delete information from any given screen.

Menu bar state when user has access, note the blue  color:

 "Delete" Action Mode

Menu bar state when user does not have access, note the grayed out button:

 "Delete" Action Mode

To understand the “Delete” function more fully, the “Delete” action button its is not used to simply delete information from a data field, you can use “Backspace” or “Delete” on your keyboard for that. What it does enable the user to do is delete a grid record. A grid record can be a single line item or it can have multiple fields associated with it.

For Example, on the Price List by Name screen below, we have decided to delete a grid record. You will see the main grid record highlighted in red, you will also see the field associated fields with this grid record are also highlighted in red.

 "Delete" Action Mode

To complete the deletion, click the OK button in the bottom menu.

We hope that you found the action mode quick tips useful.

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