Adding Commissions to Customers, Sales Orders, or Parts

Commissions are added to a customer, to sales orders, and to parts.

Salesperson is added to customer, and sales orders.

If a salesperson is assigned to a customer, that salesperson is added to any sales orders created for that customer by default. This can be updated for the whole sales order, or for each separate sales order line item.

Commissions are added to parts on the Commission Maintenance screen. This means that whenever a sales order is created for that part, the salesperson on the sales order line item will receive the set commission for that part once it is invoiced or once the sales order is processed and accrued via Commission Expense.

Commission codes and salespersons are added to customers on the Customer Master screen. This will set the default commission and salesperson for any sales made to this customer.

Viewing Commission

Commissions are accrued on sales order detail lines once the sales order items have been invoiced and finalized.

You can view the commission value and the accrued value on Customer Invoice [S2873].

Processing Commissions

Once invoices are finalized, you can accrue and process outstanding commission payments on Commission Expense [S2903].

Mass Updates to Commissions

Use screens Update Sales Order Commission [S2902] and Update Invoice Commission [S2904] to update the commission and salesperson information for sales orders and invoices, respectively.

Commission Reports

Use Commission by Salesperson and Date [R1110] to display all commissions earned. It defaults to show commission paid. Commission by Commission Code & Date [R1111] displays data in a different format.

Use Commission Code by Open Sales Order [R1112] to ensure that no parts are missing and are linked to the correct commission code.

Commission by Invoices [R1113] is used to display invoice detail, the salesperson, and the commission code for the invoice line item, if any.


  • Updating the Start Production date on Part Master [S1009] will update the Start Production date on all the commission screens for that part.
  • If the part has already been assigned a commission code and the invoice date is not in the defined range. The code will be updated but the commission value will be zero.