Second Generation OnRamp Shop Monitors

Author: Paul Henriques in: Hardware

December 1, 2023

Second Generation OnRamp Shop Monitors

Are you ready for Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing, or are you going to be left behind?

At OnRamp Solutions, we are committed to the future. To improving with technology as new technology becomes available.  To implementing that technology in a usable and affordable way.

With improvements to cost and computing, our Hardware and Robotics team set to upgrading our existing OnRamp Shop Monitors to the next generation, with the intention of improving their functionality and speed while decreasing the cost.

Shop Monitor Box TopShop Monitor PCB

This has led to the following improvements:

  • Shop Monitors can now run on any device via .NET core
  • New shop monitors are shipped with a mini-pc installed, usually running Windows 11
  • Devices now run on 24V
  • Shop Monitor PC Boards come with a separate Input/Output connector for the Work Center stack light
  • Easy-to-use Maintenance Mode switches are clearly visible on all Shop Monitor units
  • New diagnostic light on the shop monitor lid allows you to quickly see if the monitor is connected to the ERP
  • Easy-to-access reset button
  • USB connectors on the PC Board
  • There are now 4 Input/Output sockets by default on the control board
  • OnRamp Keystrip/Keypads are prewired to connect to the shop monitors

The additional functionality and features that are made available with this next generation of shop monitor from this humble list form the bases for one of the most crucial pieces of technology that our clients are currently using. By adding these full-service monitors to a work center, our clients can, in turn, add even more digitization to their work centers, with items like a vision system, paint line, automation, cobots, digital work instructions, online reporting, and more…

Adding shop monitors to our best-in-class ERPII system allows you to push the older tools at your work centers into the digital age and Industry 4.0. All this with no added IT systems, no other vendors, no messy 3rd party plug-ins, and no added costs. Your work centers are made an integral part of the Manufacturing ERP, or MERP. No other ERP provider can ensure that all your data is instantly shared with all your business units, including your work centers.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you improve your manufactory. And to help you get started quickly and with your best foot forward, OnRamp’s consulting team has decades of combined experience in manufacturing and implementing proven management methodologies that will improve your bottom line. Whatever you make, we can help you make it better.

We know manufacturing. And we want to work with you to make it better.



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