Timekeeping in OnRamp ERP

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March 29, 2022

Timekeeping in OnRamp ERP

The OnRamp Time and Attendance module allows you to setup payroll groups, daily schedules, payroll action when the plant is shut down for statutory holidays and other plant closures, shifts and any shift premiums, and log and track employees’ hours.

The Time and Attendance module can be broken down into three components:

  • Setup – Where all the shifts, payroll, and other items are set up for use. This area will have a lot of activity when you first set up OnRamp but after that, it is mostly used for reference.
  • Employee Setup – where you assign shifts and you can print employee timecards.
  • Scheduling – This is where you create, define, and assign scheduling groups and manage your employee schedules.

By having the time and attendance module within OnRamp ERP, you can have better control and understanding of how changes to your staff schedules will affect your production capacity.

Timekeeping Setup

Because Time and Attendance has multiple moving parts, from payroll, to shifts, to schedules, to pay files, the setup process requires more steps that the usual OnRamp setup. To decrease the chance for errors, OnRamp recommends following the Setup Workflow:

Timekeeping Setup
  1. Edit Business Info – Use the Business Info [S1824] screen do define the following Factors:
    • SHIFT_FIND_BAND – Defines the time window (in minutes) to match an employee raw punch to the first punch in/last punch out of an employee schedule.
    • MID_FIND_BAND – Defines the time window (in minutes) to match an employee raw punch to the mid-day punch in/punch out of an employee schedule. This setting is only required if, on Shift Master, your shifts have Auto Deduct Breaks set to No.
    • TK_DEFAULT_IN_RECOMMENDATION and TK_DEFAULT_OUT_RECOMMENDATION– Defines the default punch-in/out recommendation when a supervisor approves hours:
      • A value of Punch recommends the supervisor approve the punch time.
      • A value of Shift recommends the supervisor approve the shift time.
  1. Add Local Codes – Use the Local Codes [S1502] screen to define the following Code Groups:
    • PROJECTS – Defines what projects can be assigned to employee schedules.
    • Shift_Req_Reason – Defines what reason codes appear when employees request a shift on the Request Shift [S2585] screen.
  2. Add Hour Types – Use the Hour Types [ S2485] screen to define the hour type profiles, priority, and rate multiplier. For example: You may have an hour type of Overtime 1.5, in which employees are paid an hour and a half for every hour of work.
  3. Add Premium Codes – Use the Premium Codes [S2472] screen to define the shift premiums.
  4. Add Payroll Rules – Use the Payroll Rules Profile [S2484] screen to define the payroll rule profiles.
  5. Add Payroll Groups – Use the Payroll Groups [S2483] screen to define payroll groups and the rules belonging to each of those groups.
  6. Add Shift Classification – Use the Shift Classification [S2545] screen to define the shift categories.
  7. Add Shifts – Use the Shift Master [S2470] screen to define shifts.
  8. Add Schedule Groups – Use the Schedule Groups [S2474] to create a grouping of employee schedules and assign rotating shifts.

Employee Punch-In/Punch-Out

For hourly staff, download and install the OnRamp Time Clock on a local device to allow your staff to punch-in and punch-out via tap or employee code.

The time clock can be downloaded and installed on a local OnRamp Shop Monitor.

Employee Timekeeping Setup

To set up your employees:

Employee Timekeeping Setup
  1. Assign Schedule Groups – Use the Employee Schedule Groups [S2475] screen to assign schedule groups to an employee, including payroll groups.
  2. Assign Shifts – Use one of the following screens to assign shifts to your employees:
    • The Global Shift Override [S2473] screen assigns shifts company-wide, including holiday shifts.
    • The Mass Update Employee Schedule [S2505] screen mass updates shifts, cost center, start and end times, and project values on select employees.
    • The Employee Schedule [S2477] screen assigns and modifies shifts for an employee for the selected calendar date.
  3. Assign and print Time cards – Use the Employee Time Card [S1756] screen to assign and print employee time cards.


  • If your company has an OnRamp RFID reader, you can use the OnRamp Time Clock to track employee punch-in/out.

Scheduling and Approvals

Once you complete the setup, you are ready to manage your employee’s daily schedules.

Based on the shift type, employees may need to punch-in/out. All employee shift information is tracked in OnRamp, with approval being required to confirm that the employee shift was worked. Finally, any leave requests, or shift change requests will require approval as well.

OnRamp is a two-tiered approval system. Users with supervisor level ownership performs supervisor level approvals. Users with HR level ownership run a final check and approve the supervisor approvals. Use the following screens to manage and approve employee time and attendance:

  • Use the Review Raw Punches [S2486] screen to review raw punch information, such as the employee’s name and when they punched.
  • Use the Employee Hours by Period Inquiry [S2724] to review the shift and punch information that has been approved by your supervisor.
  • Use the Employee Summary by Period [S2487] screen to approve the hours worked by individual employees on a day-to-day basis.
  • Supervisors use the Employee Summary by Period and Date [S2496] screen to select a date and approve the hours worked by the employees on that day.
  • HR representatives use the Employee Hours Approval by Period [S2493] screen to approve the hours worked by employees for the pay period.
  • Use the Manually Modify Employee Hours [S2507] screen to adjust the hours worked by employees to make up for previous overpayment or underpayment.
  • Employees use the Request Vacation/Leave [S2585] screen to request leave.
  • Supervisors and HR use the Vacation/Leave Supervisor Approval [S2586] screen to approve or reject leave change requests made by employees.
  • Export your payroll information to a payroll program by generating the payroll file in the Payroll Group [S2483] screen.
  • HR can use report Employee Hours Summary by Period [R1645] to review employee hours by type in daily or weekly buckets.

For a more complete guide on setting up and using time keeping in OnRamp, download the Time and Attendance guide.


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