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How to Update a Released Nested Work Order

March 9, 2017

We recently received a request from one of our customers to create a feature that would allow nested work order quantities and materials to be changed after the work order has been released.

The new screen that the Onramp development team created, allows users to update an existing nested work order without the need to release a new one.

Open the new Nest Qty and Material Change [S2701] screen.

1.   Select the Nest Group.
2.  Select the Nest Number.
3.  Enter the new quantity in the Change Qty To field.
4.  Enter a Comment detailing why the change was made.
5.  Click the Change Qty button to finalize.

Note: The revised quantity cannot be lower than the reported quantity.

How to Update a Released Nested Work OrderHow to Change the nest material Part Number.

6. Select the new material from the Change Material To list.
7. Click the Change Material button to finalize.

Note: The alternative materials for substitution are set up using the Parts for Substitution [S1011] screen.

Parts for Substitution [S1011] screenTo review the updated Nesting Cover Sheet, double click the Nest Cover File field.

updated Nesting Cover SheetYou can review and reprint the updated work order using the Work Order Inquiry [S1100] screen.

Any nest changes and comments can be reviewed on the Nest Group Inquiry and Comments Modification [S2148] screen.

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