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OnRamp Update – Vendor Variable Pricing

December 15, 2016

Following on from last week’s article where we spoke about the new Vendor Part Master Screen, this week we will look at how to use the new Vendor Variable Pricing feature.

This new feature allows users to add multiple vendor pricing variations for orders based on quantity levels.

1. Begin by opening the new Vendor Part master [S1148] screen and select a part that you would like to apply variable pricing to using the drop down menus.

Vendor Part master [S1148] screen

2. To activate variable pricing, select the “Costing” tab. Make sure that the variable pricing box is set to “Yes”. If not, click the “Edit” button in the bottom menu to make the change, then click “OK”.

To activate variable pricing

3. Click on the Vendor Part Price by Qty tab to start adding your pricing variations.

Vendor Part Price by Qty

4. Click the “Add” button and enter the price and quantity. You can also choose to make this the base price for the part.

5. Click “OK” to finish.

pricing variations

(If you do choose to make a line item your base price you will see the change reflected in the base price field in the “Costings” tab.)

6. To add additional pricing variations, repeat steps 2-5.

To add additional pricing variations

Since we changed the base price in Vendor Part Master, the pricing change is now available throughout the system. For example, you will see the new purchase price reflected on the Purchase Order Schedule by Part [S1664] screen when you add a new schedule.

Purchase Order Schedule

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