OnRamp Year-End Close Procedure

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Year-End Close Procedure in OnRamp

December 29, 2021

As your fiscal year comes to a close, here are the 3 simple steps to perform your year-end close for the current year in OnRamp ERP.

  1. On Unposted Transactions [R3140], confirm there are no unposted transactions.
  2. On Trial Balance [R1219], confirm that the trial balance is correct.
  3. On GL Yearend Close [S1062], run the year end close process.

Unposted Transactions

Running the Unposted Transactions report will display a list of transactions that have not been posted to the GL accounts.

Correcting these issues may require a review to see why they were not posted. The most common reason for unposted transactions is that the fiscal date is closed at the time the transaction should have been posted.

All unposted transactions will need to be reopened on Fiscal Calendar Close [S1066].

Fiscal Calendar Close screen

Another reason for unposted transactions is when a customer receipt was entered in a closed fiscal date. When this happens, the receipts cannot be finalized. To resolve this, you have to change the receipt effective date to the non-closed date, i.e., the current active period.

Trial Balance

For the trial balance, if there is a balance discrepancy, begin by checking that the balance ties to the audited trial balance. If not, then the difference needs to be addressed and corrected, usually with a journal entry.

Running the Year End Close in OnRamp

Once the corrections are made, you can run the Year-End Close on GL Yearend Close [S1062].

Year-End Close screen

Note: The Year-End Close process can be run while your OnRamp ERP environment is in use, however fiscal values cannot be posted to their respective GL accounts.

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