"Downtime used to be one of our biggest issues. With OnRamp's preventative maintenance module, downtime is down and our maintenance work orders are under control."

George McKnight, VP & General Manager, Mancor South Carolina.


"We started using OnRamp Solutions in 2011, and with the help of the OnRamp team and their flexible software architecture we were able to complete the implementation quickly.
The OnRamp system allowed us the tools we need to set a weekly earned hours target, and track performance daily. This means we always have the proper manpower and overtime in place to meet targets and provide much more accountability for supervisors and their employees."

"The ability to review our mid to long-term standard hours makes manpower planning and machine capacity planning simple and accurate."

Many of our parts are ordered in full truckload quantities. Since it takes several days to build a truckload, our process prior to Finite Scheduling was to have a huge lead time to create a work order for the full quantity, well in advance. Finite Scheduling has made our business more efficient."

"The OnRamp HR Module makes it easy to access a list of our employees, their job titles, and which office/plant they work at. It is simple to get the information we need and keep the record up-to-date with the click of a button."

"Previously, we had little or no visibility for daily / weekly performance of key metrics. The personal dashboards in OnRamps package make performance monitoring very easy. We find being able to communicate with the dashboards plant-wide to be a necessary way to keep people informed. There is also added accountability—when the metrics are store in OnRamp, they can’t be fudged."

"The OnRamp forecasting module lets us plan for the customers who do not forecast beyond a few weeks. We are able to enter forecasting into our system by desired periods. Before OnRamp, we had no system when it came to layered audits. Now we have a simple system, and our customers love it."

- George McKnight, VP & General Manager, Mancor South Carolina

Mancor Industries is a precision manufacturer of metal components and sub-assemblies. They use state-of-the-art machining and fabrication techniques in a lean, self-directed work team environment to produce value-added, cost-effective products for their strategic partners.

Mancor has implemented OnRamp Solutions ERP software in all six of their manufacturing plants. They have enjoyed significant reductions in customer lates, inventory and IT operating costs, among other benefits.

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