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Businesses that operate in electronics and high tech rely on data to improve business efficiency and supply chain management. OnRamp Solutions is proud to offer a solution to these challenges through our industry leading ERP.

Electronics and High Tech developing and manufacturing companies require efficient, agile ERP services that allow them to maintain peak efficiency. Suffering delays from adjustments and downtime are unacceptable and must be minimized and/or eliminated. OnRamp Solutions uses the knowledge granted thorugh experience to address the concerns of Electronics, and High Tech development companies.

We know that a custom ERP service is often what is needed. Ensuring quality for our clients ensures quality for their clients as well. It is a responsibility that we acknowledge and take seriously. The ERP services offered by OnRamp Solutions are the product of in-house success to address a need that Mancor Industries was facing. As such, we have over a half-century of experience with the needs of manufacturers – we address each individual level and can customize the ERP services we offer to suit the needs of our clients accordingly.


Visibility for Electronics and High Tech developing and manufacturing companies is an explicit necessity. The lifecycles of the products change, getting tighter with competition, product development and advances. Regulatory issues can cause a crippling amount of problems for unprepared Electronics and High Tech developing and manufacturing companies. The right ERP services are the answer to headaches involving sustainability and customer mandates as well. Manufacturers are expected to keep up with these mandates and make changes quickly and efficiently. WEEE, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and RoHS, The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive unflinchingly require Electronics and High Tech manufacturing companies to have an incredibly comprehensive reporting and tracking system in place. To have the level of efficiency required, the company would need visibility.


Document control, ordering, vendor lists, engineering change orders and more would need to be axiomatic at a glance to eliminate inaccuracies. OnRamp Solutions ERP services provides this type of visibility and as such can seriously improve the final quality customers receive from our clients. It is a big responsibility and one that we have handled for ourselves. Automating communications throughout steps and processes is the best way to identify and cut out anything unnecessary and streamline the workflow. ERP systems are supposed to resolve issues and help maintain high-quality processes. OnRamp Solutions ERP systems do! Just as an example, the quality is directly affected by the following maintenances:

Our ERP regularly handles the above and so much more; every aspect of your company that would need to be addressed can be addressed in the necessary capacity. Our experts are more than happy to assist in any way they can, and one of those ways is to provide insight. We can aid in creating solutions to address problems that you may have missed.

Accurate data reporting

OnRamp makes full utilization of accurate, automated data reporting to ensure that the needs of our clients and their customers are well met, and the expectations of both parties are exceeded when possible, but never less than met. Accurate data reporting actually reduces the complexity of running an Electronics and High Tech manufacturing company, allowing you to operate within your ideal and necessary parameters. To learn more, please contact our support team today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the capabilities of our ERP program, and how it can support your business.


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