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Businesses that offer engineer to order services need reliable data to manage client requests, and internal workflow. OnRamp Solutions is proud to offer an ERP solution that helps engineer to order businesses to identify efficiencies, while uncovering cost savings.

The engineer to order process has specific challenges that affect process flow, final product quality and the overall reputation of the provider. With so many things happening simultaneously, each job and order must be precise; a perfectly synchronized dance to create the product the client ordered.

OnRamp Solutions offers the answer to the unique challenges of the Engineer to Order process. When every product being manufactured is exclusive or unique, there is a lot of risk involved. Issues can easily arise with quality and maintainability, schedules and performance as well as the documentation process and meeting the specifications and requirements. Nothing involving Engineer to Order processes is just ‘done’ and that is where OnRamp Solutions ERP really shines.


Our ERP accounts for each aspect of even the most technical Engineer to Order process, because we understand the needs and goals personally. A service that is customized for your specific ETO with complete visibility can certainly decrease costs and thus increase your profits. You can plan, schedule, test and execute with confidence, even in the very tightly limited allowance that ETO orders typically have. With a better process comes less defect and a more credible level of value and quality. With high, proven quality comes better profits and clients – better business from every angle.


Because you can customize the ERP to suit your ETO needs, the most common pitfalls are more easily avoided. If quality is the lack of defect and that is the overall goal, then identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and being willing to adjust is key. Our experts are willing to help every step of the way to assess and incorporate the information and create a custom solution that identifies and addresses the needs of your ETO. We can also assist with replacing any other legacy systems in place as seamlessly as possible.

Performance that is adequate is maintainable. The functionality of our ERP is comprehensible and transparent, and we can assist in any capacity required of our clientele. We know the need, we have answered it for ourselves. Improving the process is one step, but keeping the process in mind – how it was done and tested and any fluctuations in performance – are important to note. Our UI is designed with manufacturing needs in mind from beginning to end and throughout every update. Exceptionally high performance, quality and ease of use are also incredibly important to OnRamp Solutions, and as such we make certain that these are equally prioritized for our clients.

Please give us a call today to learn how our industry leading ERP program can support your business.

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