OnRamp’s unified manufacturing ERP/MES/QMS has shown our customers the following benefits:

Improving Productivity

Relying on old software or having separate systems to manage your business costs you time and money. Inefficient office practices create data duplication between teams causing inaccurate reporting and limiting the productivity of resources.

Manually updating data is a poor use of labor. Costs once associated with manual processes are reduced with ERP automation. This reduced time also reduces labor costs and helps your employees do their job more effectively and with more accuracy. Unifying all your separate systems in to one unit will cut those costs, leading to a more efficient operation. For more information on efficient offices, see our paper on The Lean Office.

Inefficient shop practices create lost or damaged stock, poor shipping results, unexpected machine outages, wasted labor, and a host of other issues.

A single database that can help manage your firm cuts waste and leads to a profitable business.

OnRamp’s feature suite includes Planning and Scheduling modules to give you the necessary tools and comprehensive records to know exactly how well your plant is running. They also allow you to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor your entire manufacturing business, from the raw materials to the finished product.

Saving Money and Reduce Costs

Processes put in place are often not updated to your new reality. Using an ERP can help streamline business processes and create a system of workflows which makes operational processes more efficient, cost effective, and easier to improve.

OnRamp comes from a manufacturing mindset, so everything is made to take as few actions as possible between terminals. Take advantage of our decades of experience in manufacturing to help you cut down on waste. For more information on cutting waste, see our paper on Going Lean.

Benefit from OnRamp’s finance and accounting modules that is focused on data analysis rather than data entry. Bring your business functions together with OnRamp’s easy-to-use and easy-to-configure auditable accounting, banking controls and real-time reporting.

Unified data source

Keeping separate data sources can lead to poor visibility and lost or duplicate data, leading to bad decisions.

An integrated database that supports multiple functions allows all of your business units shared access to a single source of information. OnRamp ties all your data into a single point of truth allowing you to know what all your business units need and want. For more information on improving your data, see our paper on Better Data.

Improving Customer Service

Tracking customer information, requirements, orders, and shipments across different systems that don’t talk to each other can lead to shipping errors and unsatisfied customers. An ERP that unifies all your data helps improve your accuracy and customer satisfaction while also helping you make accurate business forecasts based on reports and notifications of performance margins.

In keeping with our all-in-one approach, the OnRamp Customer Sales module streamlines and automates Order Capture, Processing and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It allows you to manage your customer information, contacts, and price lists more effectively. Helping you to make accurate business forecasts based on reports and notifications of performance margins.


All-in-one ERP Solution

No added IT systems, no other vendors, no messy 3rd party plug-ins, and no added costs. All your data instantly shared with all your business units. And to help you get started quickly and with your best foot forward, OnRamp’s consulting team has decades of combined experience in manufacturing and implementing proven management methodologies that will improve your bottom line. Whatever you make, we can help you make it better.



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