A Better Customer Experience with OnRamp ERP

Regardless of your business or industry, customers are what drive your success. So, it is imperative that you know as much as you can about them, like their products, their staff and points of contact, what orders they have placed, when you are delivering, and at what price. All of this also needs to be easily accessible to your support staff to ensure that they can effectively communicate with your customers. The OnRamp ERP system Sales module is designed to help you attract and retain customers by ensuring that interactions are enabled through direct links to real-time data and reporting.

In keeping with our all-in-one approach, OnRamp allows you to manage your customer information, contacts, and price lists more effectively by streamlining and automating order capture and order processing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocols.

Our single database allows you to manage all your customer information, which includes contacts and price lists, more effectively.

Make accurate business forecasts based on reports and notifications of performance margins.

Customer Sales Streamlining and Automation

Key Features

The OnRamp Sales module allows you to:

  • Integrate and automate your inbound and outbound communications with EDI
  • Forecast your sales with built-in profiles and reports
  • Setup and track quotes and quote performance
  • View sales performance history and trends
  • Review sales with built-in reports and dashboards
  • Manage your orders and price lists
  • Document quick over-the-counter sales
  • Preset shipping adjustment with Shipping Adjustment Profiles
  • Manage your customer contact information
  • Enter customer purchase orders
  • Run extensive reports and analysis
  • Adjust customer schedules and extra usage
  • Estimate new products
  • Process everything from Quote-to-Cash
  • Generate key performance indicators

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