Centralized Engineering leads to Smarter Production

The right documents and processes allow you to make the right products. Improve the way you manage your engineering data with master lists of your materials and parts, bill of materials, routings, and other engineering related information. Maintaining all the recipes of your success in a central database that can manage changes and automatically updates all the required information downstream is a game changer.

With the OnRamp ERP system Engineering module, you can apply a systemized management of your engineering data and maintain a master list of products and purchased materials, including all associated data such as bills of materials (BOM), process routings, and multi-out production configurations for production and non-production parts and supplies for all your business units. This includes managing engineering change notices (ECN) and defining material properties and specifications.

Engineering Documents and Processes

Key Features

The OnRamp Engineering module allows you to:

  • Benefit from complete integration with Solid Works and other popular 3D CAD applications
  • Access could-based engineering documents from anywhere
  • Available Quote-to-Cash engineering support
  • Copy information from one part, routing, and/or BOM to another
  • Upload 3-D Drawings and other software documents
  • Upload PPAP Layouts
  • Use Phantom
  • Set up and group work centers
  • Provide drawing version control
  • Input information regarding your work centers
  • Upload setup details for your Tooling and Fixturing
  • Set up commodity codes
  • Track component substitutions
  • Accurately view and report data
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