Advanced Planning, Scheduling, and  Production

Put under-staffed and over-stock in your rearview. Great ERP systems start and are built around smarter planning and scheduling. With better material planning and order scheduling, balancing your shops will never be easier. And by having all the quote-to-cash components built out from the ERP core, you will always know your upcoming needs and what you have in stock.

With our ERP implementation, you have the tools you need to better determine requirements for materials and capacity, while ensuring efficient use of production assets. Our planning, scheduling, and production modules provide your business with the information to both create and execute a plan, all while providing the framework you need to review and assess the results of the plan you’ve set in place.

Requirement Planning and Production Scheduling

Detailed Capacity Planning

Competitive markets reward flexible, responsive businesses. As part of our ERP system, our capacity planning module (RCCP and DCP) generates the data you need to turn your staff and warehouse into a competitive advantage with a comprehensive record of exactly how well your company is running.

Key Features

The OnRamp Capacity Planning module allows you to view:

  • Shortages or excess manpower
  • Overtime
  • Subcontracts
  • Downtime
  • Group work centers
  • Bumps in the weeks and months ahead
  • Weekly progress
  • Percent capacity
  • Manpower limits, and set them
  • Visual representations

Material Requirements Planning

Keep your shop floor humming with the material you need always on hand to meet your customer demands. The benefits to having tool powerful enough to know what orders are upcoming, what is needed to make those orders, what you have in stock, and what you need to purchase or make to meet those orders all with the click of a button is incalculable.

OnRamp’s single system approach provides your business with an enterprise resource planning software that contains all the information needed to both create and execute a plan within your set constraints. This real time data gets you the framework you need to review and assess the results of the plan you’ve set in place. This is the efficiency that ERP systems provide for your company.

See what is needed, how much is needed, and when it is needed so that production scheduling can be completed on time. Material requirements planning (MRP) allows you to plan, schedule, and monitor your entire resource requirements: from raw materials to finished product. The OnRamp MRP module manages all the resources and requirements necessary to meet your manufacturing demand while allowing you to maintain lean inventory levels.

Key Features

The OnRamp MRP module includes:

  • Full MRP regeneration in seconds
  • Automated production part purchasing
  • Visual representations with drag-and-drop manual scheduling adjustments for work orders and nests
  • Traditional control factors (order period, lot size, lead times, and safety stock)
  • Finite scheduling
  • Time-phased safety stock
  • Schedule adjustments from customer
  • Free issue
  • Lead time off-set
work order schedule

Shop Floor Integration

OnRamp ERP comes with a built-in Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that was designed from the ground up to integrate your shop floor. Like the conductor of an orchestra, our MES quickly reads and understands the planning information and ensures all your separate parts are working together.

Key Features

The OnRamp MES module allows you to:

  • Use the OnRamp Scanner app to quickly process printed work orders and scan warehouse and inventory tags
  • Implement work center shop monitors for better visibility of manufacturing floor actions, processed work, and processing times
  • Integrate capacity planning and resource planning data
  • Track employee punch-in/out
  • Work Order reporting and scheduling
  • Inventory control and warehouse management
  • Auto create shipping documents when completing a shipment
  • Track defects and scrap with data sent to the QMS
  • Immediate updates for when a work center starts and ends an order
  • Quality alerts sent to QA
  • Integrated maintenance requests
work order reporting

Inventory Control

Whether you are buying it or making it, your ERP needs to let you know what you have in stock at all times and where you can find it. Knowing this allows your firm to be quick and nimble when replying to the market forces. With Inventory being a key components of LEAN DOWNTIME, this means that too much or too little can be a problem. The value of an inventory and warehouse module is key.

Decrease your inventory data management by having your material input and output transactions fully automated due to the seamless integration of the OnRamp Inventory module with the OnRamp app. Our Inventory module handles your complex storage needs and shows you continuous updates of warehouse inventory.

Key Features

The OnRamp Inventory module allows you to:

  • Use the OnRamp Scanner app to quickly process printed work orders and scan warehouse and inventory tags
  • Trace lots from shipment to heat numbers
  • Manage Lot numbers
  • Manage inventory locations
  • Get a clear view of all inventory transactions
  • Print custom location labels
  • Fully integrate the process/control cycle counting
  • Cycle count units
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