Real-Time Control of Your Financial Information

Be competitive with flexible, comprehensive and auditable accounting controls and real-time reporting.

Focus on Data Analysis Rather Than Data Entry

Your company will benefit from a range of functionality, from core accounting to advanced financial management. Bring your business functions together in a way that is easy-to-use and easy-to-configure.

Finance Modules

Accounts Payable

  • Maintain a comprehensive payables history.
  • Manage outstanding and historical payables.
  • Submit and review vendor invoice approvals in real time.
  • Process payments in multiple currencies.
  • Create and submit expense reports in real time.  A hierarchical approval is applied before the payable is automatically generated .
  • Maintain and reconcile petty cash. All petty cash submissions must be approved before the payable is automatically generated.
  • Accounts payable general ledger is reconciled to aging and sub ledger reports.
  • Paperless accounting, from vendor quotes to vendor invoices, to ensure accessibility and accountability.

Accounts Receivable

  • Maintain a comprehensive receivables history.
  • Create customer invoices, including consolidated billing in real time.
  • Manage outstanding and historical receivables.
  • Process deposits.
  • All invoices, including memo invoices, can be sent through EDI or emailed automatically.
  • Bad debt is calculated and maintained for past due invoices.
  • Accounts receivable general ledger is reconciled to aging and subledger reports.
  • Paperless accounting, from customer purchase orders to customer receipts, to promote traceability.
  • All signed bills of lading are stored  and can be emailed to the customer.

Bank Reconciliation

Balance all accounting transactions posted to cash accounts against bank statements in real time. Reconcile foreign currency transactions and auto-create foreign exchange adjustment transactions, when appropriate. Maintain a running total of the bank balance as each transaction clears. Provide individual bank reconciliations for each bank account. Bank reconciliation is updated through the EDI processing of bank statements and cancelled cheque list.

Fixed Assets

  • Automatic depreciation is calculated and posted using straight line or declining balance methods.
  • Fixed assets general ledger is reconciled to subledger listing in OnRamp.

Other Finance

  • Efficiency tracking by cost center based on actual hours and planned earned hours.
  • Graphed trends by general ledger account  based on weekly results.
  • General ledger inventory reconciled to perpetual listing.

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