The Best ERP for Manufacturing – Onramp Solutions Supports Heavy Machinery Production

OnRamp Solutions is proud to offer industry leading ERP software to businesses operating in heavy machinery throughout North America.

Heavy Machinery manufacturing allows for so much of what we enjoy in our daily lives, and companies that operate in heavy machinery have strict standards that must be met. OnRamp Solutions is designed to organize, track, and automate the processes that matter most. Here is a selection of benefits that you will receive with the OnRamp Solutions ERP software program:

  • Capacity Planning
  • OEE (Operational Efficiency Effectiveness)
  • Real Time Machine and Shop Monitoring
  • Automatic Creation of Shipping Documents
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Purchasing Performance Tracking
  • Employee Skill Gap Analysis
  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Laser Nest and Shop Floor Scheduling

For businesses involved in heavy machinery, it is incredibly important to meet compliance and regulatory standards that govern the industry. No one understands these requirements better than OnRamp Solutions, because our ERP software was designed by manufacturers.

OnRamp’s parent company is Mancor Industries, and they spent many years trying to find a suitable ERP program to help manage their business processes. However, most of the other ERP solutions were designed by developers – not manufacturers. So those programs did not intuitively understand the needs of the manufacturing industry. With this in mind, Mancor Industries decided to create their own ERP solution – and that’s how OnRamp Solutions was born. Now that we have created a custom program that is specifically crafted for manufacturing businesses, we are keen to share this program with other businesses that will benefit from its features.

Our feature suite contains all the necessary tools and records to give you deep comprehensive data about the health of your plant’s operations. You can monitor the entirety of your heavy machinery manufacturing from planning to the finished product. Raw materials are cataloged and followed through the production process ensuring quality and timeliness along the way. Waste is practically eliminated, creating better profit margins and more reliable, competitive pricing for clients.

Higher levels of efficiency will always be preferable – fewer mistakes and better products are the direct results of a more efficient production process. An all in one ERP is ultimately the most efficient ERP. Everything is contained in an easy to learn interface. Actionable data is easily accessed, making it easier and quicker to make informed decisions.

Automated order capture, processing, and EDI help create the most accurate forecasts for your business, compiling them with other comprehensive reports to keep the operation running smoothly. Customer information, price lists, and final sales documents allow you to follow through on orders from start to finish. From the initial order, through the manufacturing and delivery, accountability is in place, ensuring quality across the board.

With regards to integration, our team of experts will provide support and training to ensure your operation receives the optimal benefits available through our tool. Give us a call today to learn how our industry leading ERP software program can help you save money, while bringing structure and automation to your operation.


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