My demand is lumpy / Poor planning

All your orders arrive in a rush, at the same time. And all the orders need to be done at the same time. A giant pile of work. Not that you are complaining about the workload, but it sure would be nice to have a steady tide instead of a tsunami. You are planning as best you can, but the lump is still there. You contact your customers and schedule regular deliveries to ease the outflow with more and smaller shipments, but you still end up with a bottleneck.

Material Resource Planning (MRP) is in place to help ease your load but because of the infinite capacity nature of MRP, this has left you with a lumpy, or variable, work order release cycle. In other words, MRP has left you with a stack of 20 work orders for a work center on one day and none the next. You know that you have properly set your lead times and you understand that of those 20 orders, you can complete 12 today with the rest done tomorrow, making your output smooth. But you still need to be able to track what was done and what needs doing.

Start keeping your operators happy in knowing what work they need to get done today and tomorrow and make your customers happy with an on-time delivery. We want to help your team set up a more efficient scheduling and lead time calculation system that allows you to know what’s coming up, what’s past due, and where the issue with the flow is.

Between the work order scheduling and our integrated best-in-class planning modules, we can help you put under-staffed and over-stock in your rear-view using our DCP and MRP tools. The OnRamp Planning modules give you the tools you need to better determine requirements for materials and capacity, while ensuring efficient use of production assets. Our planning modules provide your business with the information to both create and execute a plan within set constraints, all while providing the framework you need to review and assess the results of the plan you’ve set in place.

Keep your shop floor humming with the material you need always on hand to meet your customer demands. See what is needed, how much is needed, and when it is needed so that production scheduling can be completed on time. Material requirements planning (MRP) allows you to plan, schedule, execute, and monitor your entire manufacturing business, from raw materials to finished product. The OnRamp MRP module manages all the resources and requirements necessary to meet your manufacturing demand while allowing you to maintain lean inventory levels.

OnRamp’s Planning Module Features:

  • Near instant full MRP regeneration
  • Traditional control factors (order period, lot size, lead times, safety stock)
  • Finite scheduling
  • Time-phased safety stock
  • EDI proof schedule adjustments
  • Free issue
  • bill of materials -lead time offset
  • Planning dashboards and visual aids

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw a decrease in time spent planning and an improvement in shop floor output overall due to the steady supply of end-product. This led to satisfied customers, and most importantly, growth.

Late Work Orders

Late Work Orders

MRP Review

MRP Review

Drag And Drop Work Order Scheduling

Drag And Drop Work Order Scheduling

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