The growth has been good. More customers, more business, more staff, and more facilities. You have stretched and acquired new shops closer to your new customers. The black ink looks good, but based on your calculations, it should be better. Much better. Welcome to your new problem, which can be summed up in one sentence:

What the h… are they doing over there?

It seems like these remote locations only work right when your boots are on their ground. Last quarter you placed your best management team at the problem site. But you need them elsewhere. In the end, moving your rockstars around is stealing from Peter to pay Paul and that is not a long-term solution for what shouldn’t be an issue. How can you keep a regular eye on your remote locations without going there? Is there a tool you can use to stay proactive instead of reactive?

There are many reasons why the remote locations aren’t living up to expectations, such as:

We cover these issues in other sections, as you can see by the links. Fixing these processes can and does help improve the location productivity with changes like: 

  • Setting up the warehouse with a similar grid system that you used in your main location
  • Improved inspection processes and reporting
  • Better pricing calculations and sales forecasting
  • Improved capacity control tools and staff training and skill information
  • Implementing a LEAN office

All of these are crucial steps you have likely already taken. Now, you just need a way to review, report, and reply to the remote locations. OnRamp ERP was designed from the ground up with a single central database that allows you to immediately access the live data at your remote sites. Add OnRamp Shop Monitors to our ERP to have a full view of your tools, their work rate, the PPM values, and almost any other important metric that you need to track. 

Analyze your real-time data with dashboards and reports making it seem like you are never far away from your shops. From quote to cash, all operations are logged and can be reviewed from anywhere at any time. 

OnRamp’s Multi-Facility Management Module Features:

  • Real-time central data access
  • Easily accessible daily, weekly, and quarterly financial reports
  • Web portal access from anywhere
  • Two-factor authentication for enhanced security
  • Easy to setup and use dashboards with customizable fields
  • Enhanced staff training and skill planning, including cross-training
  • Easy multi-currency financial and inventory calculations

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw an increase in remote productivity, profits, improved reporting, and improved planning which led to more satisfied customers, and greater growth.


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