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Businesses that operate in the medical device industry must adhere to strict guidelines and production requirements. The OnRamp Solutions ERP is uniquely positioned to support these considerations while uncovering business efficiencies and cost savings for our clients. The medical device industry faces some of the most stringent production requirements of any industry in North America. Strict government regulations from the FDA and other government bodies means medical device producers have to be up-to-speed at all times when it comes to quality assurance. Additionally, device manufacturers face the daunting task of delivering on-time and staying profitable. Attempting to manage the production process in this field without the right software is a huge risk for producers.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Enterprise resource planning software for the medical device industry should be focused on helping companies meet government requirements. Companies should seek out software like OnRamp Solutions for compliance assurance, quality management and supply management applications.

There are a variety of software solutions on the market. The ideal software should break down internal bureaucratic barriers and make information sharing and automation second nature. ERP software for the medical device industry should also keep track of the following:

  • Serial numbers
  • Lot numbers
  • Shelf life
  • Accounting in different currencies
  • Product data and cost analysis and management
  • Quality management
  • Production floor control

Success in the medical device industry can hinge on delivery time and traceability during production. OnRamp ERP software provides a straightforward and comprehensive package for managing all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance

OnRamp’s ERP software allows for quality management across the entire lifespan of the production process and the supply chain. With OnRamp ERP, your company can follow materials and parts from the day you receive them to the day you deliver them as a product. The software ensures that your medical devices are meeting standards imposed by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. Our software allows you to access your files fast and create comprehensive reports from data so you can better manage costs and processes.

Medical device producers have to be innovative in order to respond to changing market conditions and competition. Success is incumbent on manufacturers moving products through all phases of production (design, testing, and manufacturing) as quickly as possible. OnRamp’s ERP software is designed specifically to handle the design and production constraints of this tightly regulated industry. In the end, your line will require fewer adjustments, thus saving you time and boosting your productivity and investment.

More Industry Specific Functions of OnRamp’s ERP

  • Track multiple serial parts that make up a final deliverable that goes to the customer.
  • Production life cycle management: Track all aspects of product development, quoting, sales and manufacturing.
  • Scheduling: Customizable scheduling allows you to make adjustments on the fly without relying on manual scheduling management. View and evaluate your floor schedule from a central desktop environment. Eliminate confusing and error-prone spreadsheets, binders, and whiteboards.
  • Stay on top of quality management by recording data on incoming and outgoing material quality.

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