Our efforts began as an internal project of Mancor Industries when we identified the need for a more cohesive ERP system to manage the complexity of multiple plants, multiple products, multiple customers and multiple functions. We needed a better solution, and knew that we had the in house talent and the knowledge to build it from scratch.

Built for manufacturing, by manufacturing

For years, Mancor has used lean manufacturing principles and the application of manufacturing best practices to better serve their customers. Their customer-centered foundation is based on being flexible, responsive and doing whatever necessary to support their vision of being a Truly Great Supplier to a diversified base of valued customers. With this goal in mind, the OnRamp team was assembled to develop and implement a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that delivers functionality to all business units. This unique approach allowed us to design a powerful ERP solution with significantly fewer resources than our competitors. We have the advantage of knowing the manufacturing business extremely well, and use this insight to produce the right solutions.

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