Our History

They don’t make them like they used to

Mancor was stuck in a rut. Like many Canadian manufacturers, productivity and profits were stagnant in the face of a globalizing manufacturing sector. Competition from developing countries was stressing what had been the backbone of the Ontario economy. With their lower wages, decreased shipping costs, lower tariffs, and less environmental regulations, those countries had a pricing edge on their shipped product once their quality was near on par with Canadian, US, and European standards.

And then the Great Recession hit.

The strain which manufacturing had felt for years was now being felt by all. Into this struggling world market, there came a realization to Mancor’s CEO, Art Church: Canadian manufacturing still had a leadership role to play. But to be a key player in the new world economy, manufacturers needed better productivity, which could only be achieved with smarter management.

Making it right

For years, Mancor has used lean manufacturing principles and the application of manufacturing best practices to better serve their customers. This customer-centered foundation, with the vision of being a Truly Great Supplier to a diversified base of valued customers, was based on three core virtues:

  • Be Flexible
  • Be Responsive
  • Support your customers in any way necessary

But it was no longer enough. Something more was required. Drawing from his experience as a mid-sized supplier of parts and material to larger companies, Art decided that Mancor needed a best-in-class manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to compete on a global scale.

Making it better

Mancor had a Tier 1 ERP in place, but it was cumbersome and expensive with lackluster support and too many 3rd party plug-ins required to achieve the product that Mancor needed.

Tired of dealing with ERP vendors, Mancor began consulting with their own staff, at the time 450 employees in Canada and the US, interviewing at all levels with an open invitation to all staff to offer ideas that could improve the company, followed by many meetings with department heads. Finally, a plan was made.

Art wanted a world-class ERP that could help propel the company to their true untapped potential and fulfill the laundry list of great ideas brought forth during the corporate consultation. But nothing seemed to fit. At first, attempts were made to take an existing package and customize it, but time and again that train of thought would be derailed.

With the goal being to revitalize their company and strengthen their relationship to their customers, Art stopped looking out and focused within. He realized that he had the in-house talent and knowledge to build a better ERP for manufacturing, from scratch, for Mancor.

We make our mark

Armed with his plan to revolutionize Mancor, and the manufacturing sector, the OnRamp team was assembled to develop and implement a complete ERP system that delivers functionality to all business units, with all systems integrated into the core package. This unique approach allowed OnRamp Solutions to design a powerful ERP that uses significantly fewer resources than our competitors.

Once OnRamp was deployed and stable at Mancor, the benefits were immediate. Faster response times, less downtime, lower office costs, lower overhead… the list was almost endless.

With the benefits of OnRamp clearly visible at Mancor, Art started the next stage of the plan: Help other manufacturers reap the rewards of better ERP/MES that was tailor-made for them. Which leads us to here.

OnRamp Solutions was founded on a shop-wide plan to improve the manufacturing business. We were born from a manufacturer and have a symbiotic partnership with all our customers. This allows us to quickly provide our customers with the right solution for their manufacturing needs, when they need it.

We know manufacturing.

And we want to work with you to make it better.

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Built for manufacturing, by manufacturing

Benefits of OnRamp Solutions for Plant Staff Ontario

For years, Mancor has used lean manufacturing principles and the application of manufacturing best practices to better serve their customers. Their customer-centered foundation is based on being flexible, responsive and doing whatever necessary to support their vision of being a Truly Great Supplier to a diversified base of valued customers. With this goal in mind, the OnRamp team was assembled to develop and implement a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that delivers functionality to all business units. This unique approach allowed us to design a powerful ERP solution with significantly fewer resources than our competitors. We have the advantage of knowing the manufacturing business extremely well, and use this insight to produce the right solutions.

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We’ve built a creative environment where employees are encouraged to take on leading roles and grow the software.

OnRamp Solutions is constantly looking for people who share these passions and want to be part of a company with an exceptionally bright future.

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