Streamline Your Purchasing Process

We want your employees to spend their time making decisions that add value to your company, not processing data and transactions. From purchase requisitions to vendor payment, increase your efficiency with an all-in-one solution. Our software facilitates finite scheduling for overseas shipments, including management of the container it is on, while also handling simple day-to-day purchasing operations like coffee for the office.

Fully Automated Vendor Releases

Free up your purchasing department to focus on price reductions and improving delivery performance.

Purchasing Capabilities

  • Fully integrated system, from purchase request to payment matching
  • Automated vendor releases
  • Finite vendor scheduling
  • Vendor capability analysis
  • Automatic forecast schedules sent direct to vendor via EDI or e-mail
  • Vendor split ordering
  • Vendor returns
  • Vendor audits
  • Kanban scheduling
  • Inbound container management
  • Daily delivery requests
  • Blanket releases via EDI
  • Fully integrated subcontract management
  • Vendor production part approval process (PPAP) request
  • Surcharge management
  • Full paperless packing slip scanning

Receiving Capabilities

  • Shop floor receiving
  • Purchase inspection
  • Packing slip scanning
  • Receive in vendor units
  • Label scanning
  • Online purchase inspection
  • Control vendor arrival times
  • Full visibility of past due orders
  • Comments regarding Purchase Lates flow through the system

Inventory Control

Inventory management modules handle complex storage needs and assure continuous updates of warehouse inventory. Material input and output transactions are fully automated due to seamless integration with associated modules in the system.


  • Lot traceability from shipment to heat numbers
  • Lot numbers
  • Locations
  • Transaction visibility
  • Custom location labeling
  • Fully integrated process / control cycle counting
  • Cycle count units


As a business with its roots in manufacturing, we understand that the shipping department has a direct impact on your company’s relationship with its customers. With that in mind, we’ve set out to improve your ability to execute internally and deliver products quickly. We’ve streamlined the process to reduce the need for manual intervention, which makes you more efficient.

Achieve the Best Possible Workflow

We’ve designed each of our unique shipping modules separately, so you can choose to use only the applications that suit your individual needs.
  • Keep track of your shipping containers and manage labeling, carriers and freight charges.
  • Enjoy mistake-proof, real-time precision through fully integrated barcode printing and scanning.
  • Streamline your shipping and receiving, and automatically capture incremental information at each point of production.
  • All related documentation, from bills of lading to customs invoices, are automatically generated and printed so your shipping department can focus on what’s important – effectively delivering product to your customers.

Additional Shipping Capabilities

  • Automatic ASN Creation
  • Lot by lot shipping control
  • Consignment shipping
  • Sub-contract shipping
  • Line sequence
  • Kitting
  • Staged shipments
  • Shipping container qty control

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