Inadequate sales growth, pricing, and forecasting

Your sales are stale… stagnant… stuck in the water. Whichever analogy you prefer, this is never good news for a company. You know your competitors. You know how they are stealing your prospects. How can you recapture market share with an affordable and profitable product? How can you guess at what your customers will need before they need it and price appropriately?

There are, of course, multiple reasons for a company to set their prices but you seem to be falling into the same traps:

  • your labor costs drive up your prices
  • your customer orders are erratic, due to no forecasting, which is leaving you with downtime, that drives up your prices
  • you are producing too many defects, which is driving up costs
  • you have no idea if your true costs are even close to your quoted costs

In other sections, we cover most of these price hurting elements, and you are working to fix them. And that leaves you with the job of:

  • Recalculating costs, which needs math
  • Growing your sales, which needs strategy
  • Forecasting for your current customer base, which needs research
  • Impressing your customers with modern solutions

To help grow your sales, we designed OnRamp to help you attract and retain customers by ensuring that your interactions with your clientele are alive and well. Our dashboards and reports connect to your real-time data, allowing you to better manage your customer information, contacts, and price lists by streamlining and automating order capture and processing and giving you the ability to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to communicate with your customers. Install our Work Center Monitors and show your customers you are on top of your data!

Because of the real-time integration, OnRamp helps you make accurate business forecasts based on sales reports and provides you with notifications of cost margin swings.

OnRamp’s CRM Module Features:

  • Integrated and automated inbound and outbound communications with EDI
  • KPI generation
  • Sales forecasting profiles and reports
  • Quoting management
  • Sales order and purchase order management
  • Price list management
  • Sales performance, history, and trend reports and analysis
  • Preset shipping adjustment profiles
  • Customer contact information management
  • Customer schedule / extra usage adjustment
  • EOQ Calculators
  • Quote-to-Cash processing

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw an increase in sales growth, improved pricing margins, improved sales forecasting, which led to more satisfied customers, and most importantly, growth.

Sales Forecasting Reports


Forecast Modifications

Forecast Modifications

Sales Quoting Analysis

Sales Quoting Analysis

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