What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

ERP started off as a series of business processes that were used to plan and organize what resources a company, or enterprise, needed. With the propagation of computers and the start of the information age revolution, ERP became an application that would run on a computer, still with the same goal: Plan Resources.

As time progressed many ERP firms, like OnRamp, started to realize that the more information was provided to the planning core, the better the plan was. And as the plan was improved, more quality information could be provided to other business units. This led to dramatic decreases in waste and improvements in productivity and competitiveness for the whole enterprise.

Nowadays, the best ERP systems are the backbone of all the systems and business processes firms have in place to run their business. Sales, engineering, planning, purchasing, receiving, quality control, and shipping all in one program, with one database, accessible everywhere. These advances combined with centralized data means that an ERP system like OnRamp provides you with a way to organize and plan everything your business does, including accounting, human resources, maintenance, and system administration for less than ever before.

Here is where it can get tricky. Because every industry needs an ERP system, you need to be careful in your ERP selection. ERP systems that are not built for your sector can help you manage only a portion of your business. Some are great at helping you with inventory management but fall short on production planning. Others will run DCP and MRP but can’t tell you when a customer ordered what. And worse, these ERP systems rely on third-party vendors and plug-ins to handle crucial components like sales and CRM, human resources, timekeeping, or machine monitoring and shop floor data collection (SFDC).

Now usually, this is fine. Until it is not fine. When the sales orders aren’t being seen by the MRP, or when the work order inventory location doesn’t match the warehouse management system, or the customer GL accounts don’t match correctly with the accounting software… then you end up wasting breath just to stay afloat.

At OnRamp, we believe in the power of one. One central ERP system to manage, streamline, and integrate all your business processes and operations into a single data stream. OnRamp ERP was designed from the ground up to touch all the systems and processes that a manufacturer has and help apply LEAN thinking to maximize the productivity of those processes.


Enterprise Resource Planning

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Benefits of OnRamp Solutions for Plant Staff Ontario

ERP Systems: Think LEAN

OnRamp’s ERP system was built around LEAN management methods. By having one system and one database, inter-system connection waste is cut, and is no longer a concern. Everything a person needs to know to complete their job is readily available right away, cutting away movement and transportation waste. With fewer steps to manage, there are fewer things to fix, making for fewer data inventory.

OnRamp cuts the waste from your processes by removing those extra steps. Quite simply, OnRamp manages more of your internal processes better. Things like:


OnRamp ERP comes with a built-in sales management system to receive customer purchase orders, manually or electronically with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), forward sales orders and schedules, handle customer returns and repairs, and process customer-received material.

OnRamp also has a counter sale, or point-of-sale app for when you have an over-the-counter purchase.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With customer, shipping, manufacturing, and sales information readily available, make it easy to get your customers the help they need to succeed.


OnRamp ERP and the OnRamp WMS (warehouse management system) help you get complete control over your inventory, including non-production items, machines, fixtures, and tools. OnRamp also handles purchasing for production and non-production business needs. All paired with EDI standard electronic communication protocols to your vendors.


The core of any ERP system is usually a robust MRP. OnRamp’s MRP module was built to know your sales order schedule, your order policies, and your production schedule requirements to ensure the most accurate manufacturing suggestions with minimal human input.

Paired with a DCP module that has access to your staff hours, work rate, work center usage, and work order processing data, the planning portions of OnRamp are made to maximize your productivity.

Work Orders

With work order boxes and MRP, your shop floor team will always be informed of their next step to help maximize their productivity while minimizing management input.

Paired with online inspection reports that can be entered by the work center operator, you can catch a defect and correct the work center before you have to scrap an entire order.

Shop Scanners and the OnRamp App

Shop scanners paired with the OnRamp app allow you to scan and manage your inventory. Your warehouse staff can track the location of orders and their destination with a quick press of a button from anywhere in the shop.


By having a single database for all your information, tracking engineering changes to parts, the BOM, routing, or any engineering change notice is immediate.

This includes changes to costs, part drawings, sizes, or storage location.

Timekeeping and Human Resources

OnRamp helps you keep track of staff punch-in/out, shifts, absences, vacation, and safety incidents. Employee records also help you track and organize your employees, departments, and managers.

OnRamp also allows your employees to punch-in and punch-out from anywhere with the OnRamp Time Clock app.

Added to the timekeeping components, OnRamp allows you to track employee training and skills, including setting up certain job roles to require that an employee have set skills or complete set training to ensure they are performing to their peak potential.


Along with tracking purchases and sales, and processing invoices, receipts, and vendor payments, OnRamp also helps with bank communications via EDI so that your statements, receipts, and checks are all logged electronically.

Machine Monitoring and Maintenance

With OnRamp shop monitors (sold separately) also installed on your shop floor, you can begin gathering important shop floor data to help you find machine pain points and alleviate them before they become an issue.

This allows your shop floor to be more effective with preventative and predictive machine maintenance, where signals from your machines can be read by OnRamp and interpreted by your staff, which can suggest time-saving maintenance before a production-ending breakdown.

Quality Control and Gage Management

The best way to maximize productivity is to minimize scrap, and the only way to minimize scrap is with quality control. OnRamp has a fully integrated quality control module that includes SPC analysis, PPAP and Gage management, online inspection system, return and defect reporting, and MDR document tracking.

Shipping and Supply Chain Management

Track your outbound orders and ensure that proper documentation is attached to every supply chain shipment with the click of a button on the OnRamp shipping module. This can also be set up to automatically forward shipping notification documents to your customers so that they know when their order is on the way.

Process Audits

Simplify standard compliance and internal process review with the built-in General Audit and Layered Process Audit modules. These modules allow you to set what supervisors, managers, and executives need to review which processes regularly to ensure that your shop is always running at peak efficiency.

Reports and Dashboards

Of course, all the data entered in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t have a clear and simple way to review your information to be sure your next decision is the right one.

OnRamp comes with an abundance of reports and dashboards for all your KPIs. And by having all your data in one database, you know you are always getting the most up-to-date information from all your many moving parts.

And for reports or documents that require approval, OnRamp allows employees paperless approval and sign-off.

Document Importing

You can set up OnRamp to automatically scan and save received invoices and receipts with the data recognized and converted to a digital record with no human input, ensuring that your office staff have only to review the OnRamp imported documents to confirm the data instead of having to manually add the records.


Like the little blips on your smartphone, being notified of a change in a timely fashion is a crucial part of knowing what is going on. That is why OnRamp comes with pre-set system notifications to let key stakeholders get quickly notified of an item that requires their attention. If the notification isn’t available, contact our support team to have them help you create a customized notification.

One ERP System for All Your Needs

Because of all the moving parts, some companies still have multiple software suites to help run day-to-day business activities. After having worked with other ERP software applications and finding that just one IT system was not enough, OnRamp ERP was designed from the ground up to touch all the systems and processes that a manufacturer has and help apply LEAN thinking to maximize the productivity of those processes.

If this seems like a surplus of features you can’t find in most other ERP systems, you are correct. Very few ERP systems can offer all these features for one subscription fee. If they do offer all the features, they are expensive add-ons with extensive small print. At OnRamp, we believe in the power of one. One central ERP system to manage, streamline, and integrate all your business processes and operations into a single data stream. For one low cost.

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