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OnRamp Solutions is pleased to offer businesses in the Aerospace and Defense industries with an industry leading ERP program to increase operational efficiencies while uncovering cost savings.

ERP Software for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is undergoing significant changes globally. It has suffered cuts in public spending, resulting in layoffs and consolidation. Defense contracts have thus become harder to secure as competition increases but funding decreases. However, given global instability in certain regions, defense spending in the West may in fact increase over the coming years.

It’s important to keep in mind other market trends in A&D:

  • As space travel becomes more commercialized, firms will see increased opportunities for contracts as brand new markets open up. This includes space tourism and commercial development passed orbit.
  • As drone technology advances, expect massive changes to conventional air, sea, and ground vehicle defense programs.
  • Given the stagnation of the defense budget recently, aging military equipment will force the market towards a more maintenance and repair approach.

Leverage ERP to Succeed in a Dynamic Market

Your A&D company needs to control costs and streamline its production practices to stay competitive. On top of that, yours and other companies must stay government compliant. Aerospace and defense companies need to grow all the while handling numerous workflows and staying abreast of political, industrial, technology changes. Agility is paramount in this business.

OnRamp ERP software provides a comprehensive software suite to help A&D manage all of these challenges and more. We understand that the manufacturing and production standards in the aerospace and defense industries are some of the most complex and stringent ones out there. On top of that, throw in safety regulations. OnRamp helps your company track and meet all of these requirements. Using another system or systems would be overly burdensome.

In this compliance-driven industry, thorough and complete security is a must. Keeping database integrity intact has never been easier with OnRamp’s ERP software. OnRamp provides user permissions management, automatic database backup, crash reporting, and user activity logs and audit trails.

  • Here are some more ways ERP software can streamline your A&D business:
  • Track your production’s weekly progress through real-time reporting
  • Identify areas of excess manpower and downtime
  • Calculate percent capacity and manpower limits
  • Track Quality With Integrated Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • View workforce overtime

Software for Vendor Relationships and Purchasing

A&D is an enormously complex industry. You need to be covered through every step of the acquisition process. Our ERP software is a fully integrated system covering everything from purchase requests to payments matching. The software automatically forecasts schedules and can send notifications out to vendors via email. It also handles split ordering, returns, audits and vendor RFQ. Manage long lead times from overseas with ease using scheduling tools and shipment tracking.

Optimize Workflows

Part of trimming costs in A&D is getting better at production over time. OnRamp’s ERP software is designed to help your company plan better workflows. Our software will help you cut costs and time in nearly all aspects of your business. From shipping to receiving, to managing vendors and staying up on compliance, OnRamp’s software offers one central package. No more overlapping, error-prone processes and procedures that drain your efficiency potential. Running a supply chain in this industry is already expensive. In today’s market conditions, you can’t afford redundancies and other wasteful management practices. With OnRamp, you can bring your accounting, pricing, manufacturing and engineering systems into one platform with unparalleled accuracy. Please give us a call today to learn more about how OnRamp Solutions can increase the efficiency and cost savings of your business.


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