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Many systems like to boast about integrating with a nesting package like Sigma Nest. The traditional method is to send released work orders to the nesting software, the nesting software does what it is told to and a nest is created. OnRamp saw things a little different.

Our history tells you that we were created on the shop floor of a Tier 1 Manufacturing Group of Companies called Mancor Industries. The reason this is important is because nesting/cutting is the major gateway for most of the parts that Mancor makes. Mancor wanted a truly integrated nesting solution. 

OnRamp can automatically send the requirements to the nesting software, the nesting software auto-nests them and then sends the nested orders back into OnRamp. The real integration happens after this. Nests are managed inside the system, allowing the user to track completion time, past due nests, plate utilizations, etc. It also allows you to see what other parts are nested in the package. We even created a tool to visually schedule released nests using drag-and-drop to move nests from one laser to another. These are the tools that any fabricator needs and are the tools our customers can’t imagine working without.   

Understanding the problem goes a long way to making sure the solution is working in good order. In the case of Nesting-ERP integration, OnRamp was developed to work in tandem with most widely adopted Nesting software packages. We simplify scheduling the orders while the nesting software maps the cuts.

We also take the guess work out of nest scheduling and reporting by integrating with your nesting software to ensure you get all the information you need. After all, knowing current and upcoming nest jobs lets you maximize your productivity.

OnRamp’s Nesting Integration Module Features:

  • Complete Nesting – ERP integration
  • Visual scheduling
  • Remnant usage
  • Nest reporting
  • Demand summary by material type and thickness
  • Plate utilization reporting
  • SPC for cutting operations

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw improved visibility, which allowed them to get parts through their gateways faster. Manufacturing is all about clearing up bottlenecks in the organization, with Onramp your cutting process will not be one of them.

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Nesting Integration

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